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What Wikileaks reported about the DNC and John Podesta emails was a consequence of inside leaks, not Russian hacks!

It’s time to admit “The Russians Did It” is nothing but cover for Hillary Clinton whose political handlers have invoked a three-pronged damage-control attack strategy: 1) Develop a means to justify losing the 1.2 billion her investors put up for her campaign — why no pay for play. 2) Define a reason to describe her humiliating defeat to Donald Trump — hello fake news! 3) Deflect attention from the fact Clinton waged a corrupt Karl Rove-like campaign throughout the primaries — Bernie who?

The same media which denied coverage and then fabricated coverage (hello sexist, racist and violent Bernie Bros!) of the Bernie Sanders campaign is responsible, on behalf of the Clintons, for suckering an innocent and befuddled electorate into believing the Russian fable. From a public relations perspective Americans have been conditioned to always oppose the Russians. Even President Obama and his executive intelligence agencies were dragged into the Clinton cover-up drama.

Were Democrats sincere in the effort to prove “The Russians Did It” the DNC would have allowed investigatory agencies, mainly the FBI, to examine the DNC’s server. The FBI requested to do this, but the DNC denied the option. DNC officials then went on to claim the FBI never asked. Alternatively, they relied Crowdstrike, a private source with a conflict of interest, to examine the DNC servers.

DNC DENIED FBI Access To Its Servers In Russia Investigation — The Jimmy Dore Show (1/27/17):


Corporate-elite, bacon-draped scalloped Democrats desperately do not want to lose control of the party to Bernie Sanders progressives:

The Wall Street titans do not wanna lose their grip-hold on the easy win-win presidential stakes they’ve controlled in every presidential election since the Reagan-Bush Administration turned the US presidency into a puppet position for oligarchy.

Think how main media would have reported the aftermath of Trump’s victory had the Russian and fake news issues not been front and center. It would have mercilessly and endlessly dissected the very bowels of Clinton’s campaign loss. It would have closely examined the conduct and controversy of national and state DNC officials, voter suppression, why times, location and availability of polls were changed, elimination of exit polling, the difference between open and closed primaries, how delegates were assigned, the significance of super delegates and the overall conduct of the Democratic primaries. None of this has made news!

We already know the media holds a special fondness reporting on comparative crowd size of candidates and their respective events. Look how it behaved over Trump’s inauguration attendance, for example. During the primary there was no such scrutiny of crowd size as the table was set for Hillary. But, for sure, the aftermath analysis would have compared the huge crowds of Sanders to the tiny public events of Clinton. It also would have been noted how Clinton failed to conduct press conferences.

Here are the real reasons why Clinton lost:

Most of all, without the Russian influence, an important lingering question would become prime: Could Bernie have defeated the Trump nobody wanted? Because of the incessant media attention devoted to the Russians, this important question remains, if at all, a tiny sidebar story at best.

Why would any of the above happen in America? Three factors give rise to influence:

1) Most US politicians, many operating out of gerrymandered congressional districts, are owned and directed by corporate lobbyists. Congress has an approval rating always 15% or lower, but 95 percent of ’em always return to office. This is precisely why preserving the corporate wing of the Democratic Party is vital to the oligarchy. Those congress men and women were the bulk of Clinton’s 2016 political support — they’re all tied into the money!

The Clintons desperately are now trying to keep influence viable over the party. Two Clinton operatives have already been hired to work the DNC war room; Clinton-organized Third Way has committed 20 million dollars to reshape the image of the Democrats; and the selection of the next DNC chair is of utmost importance to the Clintons. Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have always been Hillary darlings and each kneel to the corporate web.

2) The greatest threat to America’s oligarchy is not the Donald Trump movement but rather the Bernie Sanders movement. Had the DNC primary been fair, Sanders would have won the nomination and all viable polling showed he resoundingly would have defeated Trump. If the will of the people stood for anything, Sanders would be America’s 45th president, not Trump!

But the will of the people is not the will of the oligarchy which controls nearly all of the wealth in America, the richest nation on the planet. It will train Trump. They will promise his family will become the next political dynasty in America and Trump will take the bait. From the appearance of his cabinet picks the Oligarch-in-Chief is well positioned.

3) It’s important for the oligarchy to keep both political parties in a win-win posture in order to own the presidency. This important task falls upon what’s now a bought-out mainstream media. When Bill Clinton deregulated the FCC America’s media became monopolized, now by five corporations. During Reagan’s tenure there were 50 major media companies.

America’s media is highly constricted for all kinds of reasons. One is budgeting. The budgets for investigative journalism have been trashed. The media no longer covers the news; it controls the news — who and what gets reported, and when. Whether a story gets reported or not depends on the will of the heavy corporate advertisers or the owner-publishers who now have editors who’ll do their bidding. Media ownership means inclusion within the oligarchy. The last defense of the people, a free press, is all but gone!

Help build the Bernie Sanders movement. You have two choices: a) Power to the People; or b) Power to The Oligarchy. Take your pick!

The below link includes a list of my favorite investigative journalists. I recommend you open a Twitter account if you don’t already have one. Then go through my list of investigative journalists, type in their names and click “follow.” Follow as much of their writing as you can on a near daily basis. Your knowledge and understanding as to what’s going on in the world would increase markedly. You’ll discover so much more than you would reading a daily major newspaper, watching a major television network or flipping through Facebook trends.

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