Memo to Democratic Super Delegates:

MICHAEL WEDDLE·THURSDAY, MAY 5, 2016 — (1,774 Reads)

[NOTE: Originally published as a Facebook Note]

TO: All Democratic Super Delegates

FROM: A Once Happy Democrat

SUBJECT: Your Premature Super Delegate Endorsement of Clinton

DATE: May 5, 2016

Warning to Democratic Super Delegates

Your early endorsement of Hillary Clinton could prove fatal to the hopes of Democrats for maintaining the White House and regaining both chambers of Congress.

Note your early endorsement of Clinton has deeply distorted how the media has reported, or misreported, the primary/caucus process. The objective impression of voters as to the actual status of the race has been disrupted by the media padding super delegates onto Clinton’s tally. Historically, since their creation, super delegates have always followed the will of the pledged/elected delegates. The only time they’ve ever voted in a close contest was 1984 when they put Walter Mondale over the top. Still however, in 1984, the super delegates followed the will of the pledged/elected delegates.

Sad But True!

Clinton has proven herself a remarkably weak presidential candidate. In 2008, she blew a huge lead against now President Obama. In 2016, she has blown a huge lead against Senator Bernie Sanders. Long term head-to-head match-up polling by every reputable polling firm has shown Clinton holding only a thin lead over presumed GOPwinner nominee Donald Trump.

If Clinton can’t hold a huge lead, how can she be expected to hold a thin lead over Trump, who has Reagan-like celebrity personality? She won’t.

Most troubling about the Clinton candidacy is it draws no support from independent voters who comprise 45 percent of the electorate. Winning the support of the independent voter is crucial for Democrats winning in November. Conversely, candidate Sanders has consistently drawn seven of every 10 independent voters since the beginning of the campaign and he has drawn more independents than GOPwinger Trump. Moreover, Clinton has alienated the progressive wing of the Democratic Party.

Additionally, Clinton is an extremely risky candidate because she is non-inspirational, legislatively has made many mistakes of judgment on voting, only has three bills in her name as a senator (naming a post office, a highway and a historic designation site) and she is linked to too many scandals past and present, to a point where she could actually become indicted. Worse, she has consistently held extremely high negative ratings to qualify as a quality nominee of the Democrats!

Most importantly, Trump easily will exploit the obvious fact Americans inherently won’t wanna see two Bushes and two Clintons in four of the past five presidencies. It’s my belief this is why Republicans resoundingly rejected Jeb Bush. Do note had your super delegate endorsement of Clinton not prematurely existed, voters might earlier have rejected the Clinton candidacy, as they did with Bush on the Republican side. Moreover, candidates Chaffee, Webb and O’Malley could have received a fairer and considerate qualification for their respective candidacies had you not early on endorsed Clinton.

Clinton will not have enough pledged/elected delegates to meet the threshold for winning the nomination. It could well turn out that Sanders will have won more contests than her, they will be close in popular votes won and their respective delegate counts will also be very close. The Philadelphia Convention will become contested.

I believe it is time for you to admit your early endorsement of Hillary Clinton was a serious mistake and for you to continue with this endorsement only harms the hopes and prospects of the party. You need only look to the demographics of voters under age 45 in order to understand the harm that is being reaped upon the future prospect for the Democratic Party.

For the good of the Democratic Party, I hereby request you withdraw your support for Clinton and use your super delegate status in one of the following ways:

1) Switch your super delegate endorsement from Clinton to Sanders because he is the stronger candidate to face off and win against Trump. We can not risk a clearly weakened Hillary Clinton campaign losing this crucial election.

2) Declare your super delegate status as neutral, this in the foresight that Democrats will see a brokered convention — you may have to decide on a candidate other than Clinton or Sanders, and coming from a position of neutrality would add credence and quality to your future decision. You have to decide who best can beat Trump. Clearly, this is not Clinton!

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