Media Bombshells vs. Ray McGovern Truth Bombs

(see Catholic Tradition — Saints: Thomas More)

“Henry VIII condemned St. Thomas More to death. More was imprisoned for over a year (hence the beard, and why it’s not pictured). As the executioner lifted his axe, More asked him to wait. The blindfolded saint-to-be carefully laid his beard on the outside of the block, out of the executioner’s path. “This hath not offended the king,” he quipped, thus protecting his beard from the blade.

Then the axe fell.”

Now comes ex career agent Ray McGovern who once regularly presented the Presidential daily briefings on behalf of the CIA:

McGovern vowed not to shave his beard until Julian Assange has been released from unfair imprisonment

Let’s hope the fate of Thomas More does not similarly affect the fates of Ray McGovern or Julian Assange. Below, McGovern highlights his views on the recently-release US Senate Intelligence Report:

Let’s also hope that McGovern gets a clean shave!

My Viewpoint

Although many won’t realize it based on how it’s been reported by America’s media, both the Mueller Report and the recently-released US Senate Report confirm there was no “collusion” or “conspiracy” between The Trump Campaign and the Russian government. However, the corporate media presents an near-entirely different portrayal, one full of lies, distortions, omissions and perversions of truth.

As a progressive lefty who hates Donald Trump and what he stands for, in my humble opinion it would have been great were Russiagate proven and Trump removed from office. But that’s not what happened. There are many reasons why the Caligula-like Trump should be out of the presidency, but Russiagate is not among them.

The fact is Russiagate’s existence has enabled multiple power mongers to fly many balloons on one string.

[NOTE: For the record, I hereby announce it uncouth to ever again claim “two birds were killed with one stone!” If you take anything away from this writing, let us at least establish this important and poignant point: “Many balloons are flown on one string” … the innocent birds live!]

Over the past four years the propaganda push has been the Russians interfered with our 2016 election. It is a narrative that has held limited value and strategic advantage for its proponents. But, overall, most of us have become indoctrinated to something that supposedly happened when there is no credible evidence to prove that it did.

Here are the players:

  1. For Hillary Clinton the focus on Russia helped to deflect from her misuse of state department email controversy, FOIA abuses, illegal deletion of her emails, criticism of Clinton Foundation money problems and served to mold her into a victim rather than someone who actually broke the law. The way her political operatives saw it, pinning the whole matter on Trump was a clever counterattack. Clinton already was using Karl Rove political tactics against Bernie Sanders, why not also use them against Trump?
  2. For The Deep State — White House NSC players, State Department, CIA, NSA, FBI and various think-tank institutions — Russiagate helping to make for a Clinton victory would also help maintain strong agency funding levels and job security for those who’d carry on after Clinton won. Concentrating on Russia would importantly help deflect serious foreign policy errors involving America’s military presence in Afghanistan and Iraq; also incompetent regime-change snafus in Libya, Syria, Yemen, Ukraine-Crimea and the military coup-in Honduras.
  3. For America’s corporate media — where five or six corporations (merger in the mill?) control 90% of all media — Russiagate helped gloss over that the media completely failed to properly vet Trump before, during and after his presidential announcement. There was so much baggage the media could have exposed. But it remained numbed until Trump was well on his path to winning the GOPwinger nomination. Of course, the presence of Trump in the race proved very good for media ratings.

The media also had the entire nation and the world tuned in to a reality that America would see its first-elected female president. One has to think this would have amounted to a feather in the cap of America’s profiteering media. The media played its part by blacklisting Bernie Sanders in the primaries and building up Donald Trump. There was one point where CNN had its cameras focused on Trump’s empty podium exactly while Sanders was addressing the largest presidential campaign rally in history.

All together, a President Hillary Rodham Clinton was meant to showcase what a great time in history it would be for “democracy.” Let me now take a writer’s prerogative, with the following comment: Forgive me, while I croak!

But here’s the real skinny. Politicians from both political parties, subservient to their respective campaign donor masters, needed Russia as an enemy in order to justify funding America’s military industrial complex (MIC) which uses America’s military worldwide in order to achieve enormous corporate gains. Politicians from both political parties receive MIC largess and often it becomes a revolving door for politicians as they move from the halls of Congress into the corporate boardrooms.

The below song, Masters of War, by Bob Dylan and performed by myself, begins with a Moment of Silence:

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