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Hope Geography Is Included — lol!

The Presidency:

Few people realize had Hillary Clinton won the presidency in 2016 and re-election in 2020, America would have seen a Bush or a Clinton in the presidency for nine of 11 presidential administrations, with Clinton serving as secretary of state in a 10th. Monarchy anyone?

1980–1988 — Reagan-Bush (ex-CIA director Bush was really running the show)
1988–1992 — Bush-Quayle
1992–2000 — Clinton-Gore
2000–2008 — Bush-Cheney
2008–2016 — Obama-Biden (Clinton as secretary of state 2008–2012)

2016–2024 — Clinton-Kaine

This begs an important question: Surprising as it may appear, could common sense of the electorate (want for an outsider), instead of the Russians, actually be responsible for Trump’s 2016 victory? Clearly, Clinton never should have become the Democratic nominee!

If you project years of influence, it would total 40 years of Bush-Clinton dominance over America’s executive branch of government. A Good Cop (D) vs. Bad Cop (R) scenario functioning on behalf of American corporate oligarchs (see Princeton Study on Oligarchy) ultimately spearheaded by a monopolized media where five corporate conglomerates control 90% of all media in America.

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When you factor in America houses 25% of the world’s prisoners, imposes a freedom-draining wide-reaching drug war keeping much of the population functioning in underground status and not voting, voter suppression tactics such as the 2016 GOP use of the Crosscheck voter elimination system in play in 30 states and the pollutive effects of money influencing the electoral process it becomes easy to understand why most of the world views America as a “Bully Banana Republic.” Additionally, 85–95% of the wealth generated in America, no matter who the president, goes to the fat cats at the top!

The Supreme Court:

Trump’s recent billionaire-sponsored Supreme Court appointment means four of nine sitting justices will be on the Court from appointments of presidents who lost the popular vote.

One of the justices on the Supreme Court should not be there at all, as Republicans cruelly denied Obama of his rightful and constitutional duty to seat Merrick Garland.

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What Else is New?

The Intercept presents an interesting analysis on the impact of the Kavanaugh appointment to the Supreme Court:

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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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