Localized Suffering in America Inhibits Our World Viewpoint

An increasingly collapsed middle class together with an ever-widening range of poor folk barely surviving in underground economies — lousy dead-end jobs, petty thievery, drug dealing, gang recruitment, gambling, scratch tickets, food stamp trade-offs, toothless, homeless or living doubled or tripled up in sub-standard housing units — make for tough times for most Americans!

The postcard for America, since JFK was shot, has always been: The rich get richer while the poor get poorer!

LBJ’s follow-up attempt for a War on Poverty never took hold as the stain of GOPwingerism permeated and eventually came to dominate America’s political landscape. Richard Nixon’s henchman, Lee Atwater — who trained Roger Ailes, Karl Rove, Roger Stone and Ed Rollins — imposed tactics of political control using the power of the executive to control and prevail over the need for sound governance.

Movie star celebrity Ronald Reagan and CIA chief George H.W. Bush teamed to put the final nail into the coffin for any hope of an FDR-like progressive America. When Democrats finally regained a hold onto the presidency, the impeachment of Bill Clinton with the GOP takeover of Congress helped to assure only oligarchy would prevail.

See 2014 Princeton Study on Oligarchy

So then came loudmouth billionaire bully Donald Trump, a presidential celebrity like Reagan. Trump effectively managed to hog what had become a monopolized corporate media — five conglomerates controlling 90% of all media. Trump’s rhetoric and actions — very much on behalf of the wealthy — worked very well to keep working class Americans divided, in check and bogged down over god, guns, gays and immigrants.

The media made Trump champion spokesperson against “fake news,” thus keeping his criticism contained. So long as it was Trump doing the ranting and the raving, the media could continue its consolidated grip on society. You see, with Trump as leading critic it meant the media didn’t have to value or acknowledge true critics like Seymour Hersh, Cornel West, Noam Chomsky, Abby Martin, Chris Hedges or any of the women from Code Pink and beyond.

Today’s media acts as an Oligarch Protection Unit:

So the good cop/bad cop presidential pendulum swung again and Democrat Joe Biden now holds the presidency, coming in as a mop-up quarterback in the game of American Oligarchy.

Capitalism must always feed.

Before the world of greater communications, corporate conglomerates — with help from the CIA, the military and a friendly US ambassador — would insure placement of a dictator in Third World nations. If a coup were required to do this? So be it!

The smaller nation would then find itself in debt, its labor exploited and resources like diamonds, uranium, gold, silver, copper, oil, timber, rubber and tin raped for the benefit of a corporate few — leaving no economic benefit behind for that nation’s citizenry!

This still happens but not as blatantly or as pronounced as in the past. I suspect a decline of this kind of foreign manipulation became one of the reasons why ordinary American citizens eventually became victimized, as described in the first paragraph of this article. Again, capitalism must feed!

Of course, a bad economy makes it easier to recruit for the military. Against terrible odds in society, for many folks join the military as a steppingstone for achieving middle class status. Veterans have made use of the GI Education Bill while others have gone on to become police or firefighters — thus achieving an ability to buy a home and raise a family.

When you throw in America’s Drug War — where huge profiteering occurs and drug smuggling routes become weapons smuggling routes — America has become militarized on both domestic and foreign policy fronts.

With destruction of unions in America, fewer meaningful working opportunities and virtually the entire middle class riddled in debt, Americans are more concerned with just hanging on, trying not to fall through the cracks. Consequently, little less attention gets paid towards foreign affairs — most folks simply accept what’s reported by main media platforms.

As interesting as all of the above is, this article is about Syria.

The US Illegally Occupies Portions of Syria:

Before the Bush-Cheney Administration put Iraq under a Shock & Awe bombing campaign — followed by overthrow of the Iraqi government and subsequent occupation — the French and Syrian UN ambassadors gave eloquent speeches before the United Nations Security Council. Those speeches, pretty much now lost in history, very much predicted everything that would happen if the US invaded Iraq with its so-called Coalition of The Willing.

Middle East and Northern African nations have historically been troubled lands, what with the Sunni v. Shia Muslim conflicts lasting over a thousand years. The region long has been ruled by monarchies, dictators or theocratic leaders. It would not be surprising for any reasonable thinker to conclude a secular nation existing within this region should be considered a victory.

So why did the US overthrow the secular governments of Iraq and Libya, and why does it persist trying to overthrow Syria?

Certainly, oil is one reason. All three war-torn nations repudiated use of the US Petro Dollar. Of course, the US and Saudi Arabia are practically glued when it comes to oil and money interests. Oftentimes, the objective becomes as much to keep oil off the market as it is to place oil into the market.

At one point there was a plan to build a pipeline connecting Saudi Arabia and Qatar through Syria north into the Balkans to reach Europe. This was before Russia’s Gazprom pipeline project got built into Germany. Syria, aligned with Russia for decades, rejected the deal.

Geopolitically, the US wants to maintain its hegemonic control over the region . This has spawned a concept to factionalize Syria so that a new Sunni-Kurdish nation — aligned with Israel and the Saudis — could form out of the northeastern Syria. Currently, the SDF Kurds with US military support control the area East of the Euphrates River. The territory also hosts two-thirds of Syria’s oil assets and vast stretches of Syria’s wheat fields. Economically, this severely weakens the Syrian government.

The potential new, official or non-official, principality also would serve as a buffer to help thwart the potential for Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon from creating a cross-Shia alliance. Those nations combined in alliance would make for a territory larger than the size of the US. It would also help thwart potential for an Iranian pipeline that could stretch across those nations into the Mediterranean.

Meanwhile, the US has established a huge military zone in at-Tanf, a town located at the Syrian-Iraqi border. The US base effectively blocks use of the Damascus to Baghdad International Highway, again helping to cripple the Syrian economy.

Amazingly, in the course of promulgating this, the US clandestinely uses ISIS as a proxy military force against the interests of Syria. The US pretends, with the Kurds, it is fighting ISIS. It is not. Below, is a very great description of the reality:

Ultimately, regarding Syria, the US has military objectives as follows:

  1. Keep Israel in control of the Syrian-owned Golan Heights. Israel has long occupied The Golan in defiance to multiple UN Resolutions denoting the territory should be returned to Syria. Huge oil deposits have been discovered there and US oil and banking tycoons have got their hands in the till. The Golan is also supplying tremendous water needs to Israel.
  2. Keep the SDF Kurds in control of all territory east around the Deir Ezzor region and everything east of the Euphrates River. I suspect the black market-smuggled oil proceeds now are being used to help fund a new Kurd principality, and also to help pay for the US black ops clandestinely run throughout the region.
  3. Keep the Syrian Arab Army (supported by Russia and Iran), bogged down fighting Al Qaeda (backed by Turkey) in Idlib. Ultimately, Turkey wants to expand its empire and control this territory. It seems there was a US pay-off to the Turks. The Turks keep pressure on in Idlib. In return, the US allowed Turkey to take control over vast swaths of northeastern Syrian territory at the Turkish border.
  4. All of the above is also part of the US plan to try and block China’s effort to expand its Belt Road Initiative (BRI), a plan to reopen the ancient Silk Road land and sea trading routes. Using green infrastructure and funded by the new Chinese Petro-Yuan (backed by gold), China hopes to see the BRI open Chinese trade as follows: From all of China through the Caspian Sea and Caucasus regions throughout all of Russia down into the Balkans through the gateway of Turkey into the cross-Shia nations with Iran serving as a Gateway to the Stan regions and then into Lower Asia and eventually India. The US wants none of this to happen!

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Founder of Boston’s Climate Change Band; former NH State Representative; Created Internet’s 1st Anti-War Debate; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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Michael Weddle

Michael Weddle

Founder of Boston’s Climate Change Band; former NH State Representative; Created Internet’s 1st Anti-War Debate; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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