Liz Warren’s Teapot Won’t Win The Rust Belt!

A few days ago on Twitter, I discovered a photograph of Liz Warren sitting in her kitchen in front of a laptop and supposedly talking on her cellphone. The photo was staged to appear very down-homey, and Liz appeared like she was everybody’s favorite apple pie-cooking aunt. There was even a nice cookie jar and a bowl of fresh apples in the background. This situated in front of an opulent stained glass window. The caption to the photo claimed she was calling voters on her cellphone thanking them for their support and asking for $3 donations.

All in all, it was a very nice image and much in keeping with the standard pedigreed politician image whereby the wholesome family photo is presented. In politics, sadly, it’s become more about imagery than actual substance to issues. Interestingly, like in an echo chamber, Warren is claiming the issues of Bernie Sanders who set the table for a new political movement in America.

But, to me, there was one item that stood out in the Warren photo. She was sitting directly next to a teapot that appeared as though it were crafted for a king or a queen. It was indeed the teapot of an oligarch!

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A teapot fit for oligarchy!

So I drew a contrast pointing out the extravagant teapot. This comparative is important because Warren will need to win the working class Rust Belt — WI, MI, PA, OH, IL — in order to win the presidency. If she is to have any hope of winning Texas, working class Independent voters and getting $3 donations her teapot and stained glass window image won’t help. I’m reminded of photos of the true working class champion, Bernie Sanders, pumping his own gas and standing in the checkout line of supermarkets.

In response to the meme I created, a friend on Facebook responded with the following:

“I think she is beholden to WE THE PEOPLE. let the debates continue. If the majority does not choose Sanders…..I’m still voting against Trump.”

My response:

It’s not whether you or I vote against Trump. It’s who decides to stay home and not vote at all! Democrats win on strong voter turnout and from strong support from Independent voters — not Chuck Schumer’s fantasy of disenchanted suburban Republicans. This was precisely why Clinton lost!

Unfortunately, I tend to think Warren is, first, WE THE HILLARY CLINTON POLITICAL WORLD and, secondarily, WE THE PEOPLE!

Many progressives, myself included, wanted Warren to run in 2015 and were disappointed she decided not to run. Bernie, the perfect gentleman, waited until after she made her decision before he made his announcement to run. Clearly, Warren, a party loyalist, did not want to directly take on Hillary Clinton! Bernie knew somebody had to take on Clinton given her horrible positions on both foreign and domestic policy.

Not only did Warren fail to endorse Sanders in 2016, but she remained silent when Clinton’s political operatives and Twitter bot army began tagging Bernie as sexist and racist, a similar tactic she used against Obama in South Carolina in 2008. Liz Warren showed a deaf ear and blind eye to all of the outrageous “Bernie Bro” allegations — she never stood to Bernie’s defense!

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How can Warren, claiming she’s a progressive like Sanders, not endorse him in the 2016 primary? In fact, she outright left him hanging. Her crucial endorsement would have made a world of difference for Bernie as instead of tying Clinton in Iowa, Nevada and Massachusetts Sanders would have defeated Clinton in those early states, likely knocking her out of the race.

Check out Warren’s May 21, 2017 YouTube interview with The Young Turks. She couldn’t even directly answer Cenk Uygur’s question. Notice how she dances around the substance of the question:

Warren pulled a similar move by not backing over 450 Native American tribes who stood at Standing Rock fighting Big Oil in an effort to keep clean water on reservation lands and elsewhere in America. Warren was a no-show! Whereas Sanders would outright ban fracking, Warren only wants to limit and regulate it. When it comes to battling Big Defense, Warren again was a no-show on the side of peace. Twice she supported Trump’s 700+ billion dollar Pentagon budgets. There is no WE THE PEOPLE with this kind of political behavior!

As the election moves on and Biden continues faltering, how much closer will Warren get to Clinton’s political operatives who control the DNC? How much further will she shy away from the Sanders progressive agenda? She already is prepared to take corporate PAC money if she wins the primary. In fact, contrary to her assertions, she already is using PAC money in her primary campaign as she transferred millions for her two previous political accounts.

Like Peter and Judas of old, Warren very likely will betray Bernie Sanders and the progressive agenda at the 2020 Democratic Convention. If Warren gains the nomination do not look for her giddy-like political nature to hold strong political coat-tails for down-ballot congressional, gubernatorial and state legislative races. Also, do not expect her to stand strongly against Big Defense, Big Oil, Big Banking, Big Agri, Big Health/Insurance/Pharma and the prison industry. I suspect she’ll be a no-show on the drug war!

I’m not aware of any progressives who do not want a female president. But I submit the most reliable path for getting a female president is for that female to become the running mate of Bernie Sanders who would become America’s first working-class Jewish president. Indeed, we all hunger for the first Native American president — reverse the curse!

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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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