Liz Warren’s Hidden Clinton-Connected PAC Money Plan?

— I love you, Bernie; I hate you, Bernie … I’m progressive like you, Bernie; well, not really … but I still drank a working class beer on Instagram!

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Warren Used PAC Money from Previous Senate Campaign Accounts

Several times, to much fanfare, Liz Warren made a big deal out of not using PAC money for her primary campaign for the presidency. However, when she made her announcement she wouldn’t use PAC money, she failed to tell the public she already had transferred 10 million of PAC money from her previous senate campaign accounts into her presidential campaign.

Warren has in fact been operating her primary campaign with undisclosed PAC money, this as main mass media gave her a pass and instead spotlighted how progressive she was, like Sanders, for not using PAC money. At least one small-time newspaper reported about this:

After a brief period of success in the polling her campaign seriously began faltering. Rather than drop out and endorse progressive Sanders who’d been building a political movement in America since his 2016 campaign, she began attacking him, his supporters who write on social media and his endorsing organizations like The Sunrise Movement and Nurses United, both of whom who fight for progressive causes.

So now we learn Warren has completely flip-flopped and is now accepting support from Persist PAC, which has an uncanny resemblance to Clinton’s former Resist PAC (see below):

Warren-Clinton Connection to Persist PAC?

For me, a long-time Bernie Sanders supporter who actually encouraged Warren instead of Bernie to run in 2015, Warren has been nothing but a disappointment since she failed to endorse Bernie for the 2016 Massachusetts Primary — her endorsement would have meant Bernie would have won instead of tying Clinton. Ironically, in the latest poll on Massachusetts Bernie now leads Warren.

Warren really should drop out. Had she done so sooner Sanders could have dispatched Joe Biden as the combined Sanders-Warren tally would have put Biden way behind Bernie. Her staying in the race has also helped to give birth to the main media’s new darlings, the Democratic moderates and how, if they teamed together, they could take Bernie down. Warren’s presence also helped to stall and eventually diminish Tulsi Gabbard, who mostly focused on progressive foreign policy and anti-war.

Warren a Bad Bishop In A Chess Game

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From the beginning of the 2020 presidential race I’ve always described Warren as a bad bishop in a chess game on the wrong color and blocking the progressive movement. I suspect when the Milwaukee DNC Convention comes Warren will give her delegates to a party loyalist candidate rather than to the progressive Bernie Sanders.

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