Liz Warren Was a Woman of Color for A Long-Long Time!

Here is a new clip I’ve never seen before. The first photo depiction is from The Fordham Law Review in 1995 and proves Liz Warren’s claim of minority status was long lasting. The second photo shows her Texas Law license application form from 1986.

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Important Questions:

  • Did Warren stop making her minority status claim once she became a Democrat in 1996? When exactly was the last time Warren claimed minority status? Did she share her dilemma with anyone? If so, who?
  • Was she originally making her minority woman of color claim in order to prove she was what was back then a rare Republican minority, and thus she’d gain extra opportunistic standing among GOPwinger decision-makers for doing this? Did the GOP actually encourage her to make her false claim? If not, who influenced her and why?
  • Today, she prominently claims she wanted to be a teacher from age eight. It’s in her stump speech. What kind of teacher did she think she’d become by blatantly making false woman of color claims as a mature adult?
  • Who were the genuine minority competitive candidates who lost out due to situations where Warren made false claims? Did they suffer a career or academic negative consequence due to Warren’s selfishness?

All things in balance, it sure looks like Hillary Clinton’s insider political operatives couldn’t have found a better progressive impostor, a person to impersonate or echo the Bernie Sanders progressive positions in order to divide the 2020 progressive primary vote. Preventing Bernie from running away with the 2020 nomination would assuredly mean a deadlocked convention whereby the super delegates could then influence who becomes the nominee.

If you’ve joined Liz Warren’s New Yuppie Rebellion please know that you’ve been fooled. Sadly, many very well-meaning liberal-to-progressive Democrats have abandoned Bernie in order to support Warren.

Let’s be clear: Warren WILL NOT win the heavily working class and extremely crucial Rust Belt! Her appeal to Independent voters will be minimal thus causing voter turnout become low and she’ll carry no political coat-tails for down ballot congressional, gubernatorial and state legislative races.

Best bet is to now start building behind the real deal, the genuine Bernie Sanders, who’ll bring as many Independent voters into the Democratic Party — it’s the ONLY WAY to guarantee a defeat of Trump & The GOPwingers.

Bernie’s a clean machine! Let’s finally get him elected!

Written by

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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