Liz Warren Like a ‘Bad Bishop’ In A Chess Game!

Even though Inside Beltway presumptive king Joe Biden is impotent will Bernie get screwed again?

Believe me, a political strategist knows the problem associated with having a bad bishop in a chess game. A political strategist knows how to maneuver blocking action, much like in the game of Go.

It’s all strategy! A political strategist especially knows where the money is, how to get it and what to do with it. They know who is influenceable and why.

The strategist knows the race is still on over who will become America’s first female president and that this is an underlying factor in today’s presidential politics. It was thought Kamala Harris would fulfill this role, but her campaign has floundered. After toying with Amy Klobuchar, Liz Warren is next in line.

As a side note, some might argue Eleanor Roosevelt actually was the first female president during FDR’s final days of presidency. But this is moot, much like Donald Trump’s presumptive attitude appears towards Harriet Tubman being on the 20-dollar bill!

Hillary Clinton has long fashioned herself as the queen of American politics with rights to the presidency. Her sense of self-entitlement and self-aggrandizement was almost as remarkable as the manner to which she and her husband became self-enriched from politics.

But as for pedigree, Hillary Clinton was a GOPwinger until age 21 and extremely supportive of Barry Goldwater’s Southern Strategy presidential bid. Interestingly, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren was also once a GOPwinger. However, Warren remained one until the age of 47. This could explain Warren’s hard-bound party loyalty to Democrats.

Note Warren never challenged Clinton in 2016, even though the media touted Warren as a potentially strong candidate for progressives. The true and longstanding progressive Bernie Sanders — with respect for women and always the gentleman — actually waited for Warren to decide before making his own announcement.

She declined, so Bernie went all-in! However, once he announced the supposedly progressive Liz Warren was nowhere to be found in support for his progressive agenda which she supposedly shared. On the national stage, Warren could well be what is described in politics as a “straw candidate.”

Democrats applauding Trump’s State of the Union Speech!

Bad Bishops: A Chess Analogy To Best Describe Warren

In chess there are good bishops and bad bishops. A good bishop is on the right diagonal line, can maneuver in open space, has targets and is able to contribute towards a winning position. A bad bishop is on the wrong diagonal line, is limited in space, blocked by pawns and has no targets.

Warren, a party loyalist, essentially serves as a bad bishop in what for her is an unwinnable game. Her only intent is to block vote totals for Bernie Sanders in NH’s first-in-the-nation primary and also to dilute his vote total in Massachusetts on Super Tuesday (the 5th day of voting). Warren is also expected to steal some of Bernie’s “home field advantage” allure in NH where he resoundingly defeated Clinton in 2016.

Iraq-war veteran and Massachusetts congressman Seth Moulton, another party loyalist, is also a bad bishop. His candidacy will attempt to pull veterans votes away from Bernie in the early voting states. Forget not that Bernie has long been the ranking member on veterans committees in Congress. Like Warren, like Moulton has no chance of winning.

After New Hampshire, comes South Carolina, the fourth state to vote and one with large numbers of black Democratic voters. Kamala Harris, Cory Booker and Wayne Messam are all black candidates who are expected to draw heavily from this key demographic voting block. There is even discussion, as late as May 11th, of Stacy Abrams of Georgia entering the race — it wouldn’t surprise me if this actually happens before the South Carolinians get to cast their votes.

In 2016, South Carolina voters — and most minority voters throughout the South — reside in small media markets, but Hillary Clinton was very well-known. Very few South Carolinians knew about Bernie Sanders, as was the case throughout the entire South. But by the time the 2016 primary ended Sanders had generated a 72% nationwide favorability rating among black voters. Had there not been a major media blackout on Sanders in 2016 and were not nearly all of the southern states front-loaded in the primary scheduling, we might never have seen HRC get the nomination or have Trump as president. Bernie would have won!

For 2020, California has moved its primary from the end of the season onto the Super Tuesday schedule. The nation’s 7th-largest economy, like Massachusetts, sports two bad bishops to help prevent Bernie from establishing what could potentially become incredible momentum to run away with the California vote thus creating a clear path towards the nomination. Senator Kamala Harris and Rep. Eric Swalwell are the bad bishops from The Golden State.

Colorado, a state Bernie won in 2016, has also moved its primary to Super Tuesday. It also has two bad bishops in the now very-crowded field of 24 Democratic candidates. Former Governor John Hickenlooper and Senator Michael Bennett will serve bad bishop roles for Colorado, again attempting to block Bernie in a state he won in 2016.

Super Tuesday’s bad bishops Warren, Moulton, Harris and Swalwell will be joined by two others: Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota and Representative Beto O’Rourke of Texas. All of them are party loyalists who will seek to grab support from Bernie Sanders in order to prevent the Democratic Socialist from winning the Democratic nomination on the 1st ballot.

Bad Bishop: the white bishop on dark squares, its targets on light squares.

Caucus States

It appears 10 of the 2016 caucus states will instead be conducting primaries in 2020. So what’s the rub? Bernie Sanders won all 10 of those states!

The very first of all states to vote will be the Iowa caucus, followed by the NH primary. The third state to vote will be Nevada, also a caucus state. These two states, given their traditional prominence in the nominating process, won’t switch to primaries. Although nice to win, the media does not assign as much value to caucus states as it does to actual primaries. Iowa gets lots of attention, but, hey, it’ll be a crowded field of candidates and the results — likely a Sanders victory — will be easy for media to minimize.

Joe Biden The Man Who Oligarchs Would Love As King

As much as Hillary Clinton was perceived as Wall Street’s senator a similar claim can be made for Joe Biden. After all, the state he’s represented, Delaware, is a prized home state to most corporate registrations. In fact, there are more corporations registered in Delaware than there are people. It’s indeed a very corporate-friendly state what with low taxation and minimal regulation. Credit card companies absolutely adore Delaware!

Although conveniently fashioned as a working man from Scranton, Pennsylvania, Biden, in fact, has been and is a key tool for America’s Oligarch Protection Unit (OPU). His whole political career he has legislated on behalf of the OPU. That he was Barack Obama’s vice president is especially meaningless given Obama — although campaigning as a progressive reformer — operated as a Beltway Insider once in the White House. Biden too!

But because he’s the former VP he gets to lay claim he’s heir-king for Democrats. Forget not Hillary tried this as queen — it came out badly. Moreover, Biden has been a decades-long multiple presidential candidate who always failed. Do not expect much from this presumptive King —a presumptuous king, much like a competing pope, will never work.

Let’s look at the progression and see where Biden fits in relationship to Sanders.

In 2016, Bernie won 22 states, more than any second place finisher in Democratic Party history. It’s also noteworthy there were eight virtual ties (within 1% of the vote or 1 delegate) each notched as Clinton victories — what are the odds!?! Sanders won many states by landslide margins (greater than 10%). Most of Clinton’s landslide victories were in Southern primaries scheduled early in the process and conducted when coupled to a main media blackout on Sanders.

In fact, the 2016 Democratic primaries were so corrupted they cancelled the exit polling midway in the process. Why? Final results didn’t match up! Were America a third world nation the UN would have called for a new election!

I vividly recall the startled look on Wolf Blitzer’s face on CNN when Polk County in Kentucky, in the link of an eye, switched from a 3% Sanders lead into a 3% Clinton lead with hardly any votes left for counting. This happened exactly as Blitzer was pointing to Polk County results! I’d love to see a replay of that moment as it is video definitely worth leaking!

Anyway, back to Biden who main media has now clearly established as the Democratic frontrunner. The OPU media has performed its damndest attempting to create an image of a viable Democratic contender to challenge Sanders. First, it portrayed Texas-rooted O’Rourke as a young Kennedyesque figure. Next, it championed Harris as a great hope from California. When those images failed the OPU tried highlighting ‘America’s first openly-gay presidential candidate,” Pete Buttigieg — all as possible alternatives to Sanders.

None of ‘em took hold so Biden finally came into the fray. Remember, 2020 is an “Anybody-But-Bernie Sanders” contest, so now Biden has become ‘The Big It.’ He’s supported by false OPU polling results showing him way ahead of Sanders. But the demographics of this polling drastically undercuts voters below the age of 50. This is only a minor detail for political strategists capable of controlling news cycles.

As Warren and several others perform in the role of bad bishops, the floundering Biden seems like he’s carrying on as a rather bad frontrunner presumptive king. The OPU strategists, sensing Biden’s shortcomings, are hedging their bets and now presently hyping Warren — who knows, given she doesn’t really have much Native American blood, perhaps she could become queen!

But here’s how the OPU strategists think: They soon begin floating Warren (Massachusetts) with O’Rourke (Texas) as the ticket. Hey, it worked for JFK-LBJ, not so much for Dukakis-Bentsen. But maybe it’ll work again! The added attraction to this ticket, OPU strategists will conclude, is the supposedly progressive Warren likely won’t fracture the party with dessertions.

Unless they can shape a Warren-O’Rourke ticket, the OPU objective will be to make certain Bernie doesn’t win the nomination on the 1st ballot. This way the Inside Beltway superdelegates will select the nominee by combining their delegate votes with Biden’s and those delegates of the many establishment straw candidates.

Liz Warren 2020 DNC Convention Delegates:

At the 2020 Democratic Convention does anyone realistically think Liz Warren will direct her delegates to vote for Bernie Sanders? You heard it here first — she’s a bad bishop!

It’s all great imagery and the esteemed and revered political strategists will continue earning opulent fees. After all, it is lobbyists, consultants and strategists who rank Number Two on America’s Oligarch Enrichment Project chart.

Realistically, the OPU strategists could care less who wins since they’ll continue commanding six and seven-digit salaries throughout the electioneering process and they know the oligarchy, one way or another, will remain protected. They would absolutely love to get more mileage from a smooth but polished Democrat doing their bidding.


Because Trump, although extremely profitable for oligarchy, is so unpredictable he could unwittingly blow out the whole system because he’s unstable and he tends to give oligarchy a bad name. You see, the OPU prefers that Americans only think badly of Russian oligarchs, not American ones.

PS: Would love to be a fly on the wall when Christmas bonuses get handed out to establishment media specialists after November elections.

PS: Liz Warren took PAC money for her US senate campaigns and she said she’d take PAC money for the general election. Both a party loyalist and a hypocrite Warren is now using PAC money for her primary campaign despite her public comments to the contrary. A compliant main media has hidden Warren’s use of PAC money, as only a small city newspaper has published the truth about her campaign.

Clearly, Warren’s goal is to shape herself only as an alternative to Bernie Sanders in order to assure a Democratic socialist does not win the Democratic nomination. Her presence in the race virtually guarantees superdelegates will make the pick on the 2nd ballot.



Founder of Boston’s Climate Change Band; former NH State Representative; Created Internet’s 1st Anti-War Debate; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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Michael Weddle

Founder of Boston’s Climate Change Band; former NH State Representative; Created Internet’s 1st Anti-War Debate; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!