Liz Warren a Progressive or Party Loyalist in A World of Pedigreed Politics?

Oligarch Protection Unit (OPU) — How does it operate?

Let’s say Trump bows out, he’s had enough. He wants to quit while ahead and to enable history to provide a brighter side to the Trump brand. By doing this, he keeps a door open for his children to run for future office and he gets off the hook for past deeds of baggage. He claims the greatest victory of all time and self-admiringly moves on to rest in his kingdom in a manner substantially less humble than Jimmy Carter.

Let’s say the GOPwingers, in order to transition and recover, mix in a Trey Gowdy-Bill Weld ticket against a Liz Warren-Beto O’Rourke. Guess what? Doesn’t much matter who wins because the US Oligarchy always wins with Republicans and also does when it signs, seals and delivers the Democrat!

Let’s view this from the Democratic perspective and presume another rigged Democratic primary produces a Warren-O’Rourke ticket, a classic North-South arrangement with the benefit of finally presenting the first female president. Let’s say Warren wins and Gowdy goes on to fight again.

A deal then gets made with Massachusetts GOP governor Charlie Baker to get a cabinet post in a Warren Administration in exchange for appointing a young Joe Kennedy to take Warren’s senate seat. Chelsea Clinton also gets a cabinet post. Thus, the table gets set for Joey or Chelsea to build on West Wing dreams.

America’s oligarchy lives happily ever after!

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It’s how the OPU operates. Evidence? Let’s explore.

Why does supposedly Democratic Massachusetts and Democratic California so frequently flirt with GOP governors, and why does Democratic New York near-always historically produce a GOP-controlled Senate? How did normally Democratic Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania end up with GOPwinger governors to enable a Trump Rust Belt win? Ohio was once Democratic too!

Trump’s win had absolutely nothing to do with Russians!

America’s government exists in the form of a good cop (D) vs. bad cop (R) duopoly that loyally serves oligarchy over people. It now has a totally monopolized media in pocket.

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How else could Congress continue functioning with a 10–20% approval rating coupled to a 95% re-election rate? And how else could the federal minimum wage remain at $7.25 an hour while CEO pay increased by over 937% since Reagan-Bush? Meanwhile, the ordinary American is reduced into thinking they can find Beale’s gold simply by scratching or picking the right lottery ticket. Keno and boiler-maker drinks anyone?

Anyway, some folks think they’ve got freedom because they’re told they do and it’s so amazing when you can switch from sunny side-up eggs to scrambled eggs on different days of the week. It’s only a little different in politics. The political party best able and needed to protect oligarchy will always assume the hard-boiled power!

The 2020 election is showing the Oligarch Protection Unit with only one objective: Keep true progressives out of power. Does it really matter 40 million Americans live in poverty, nearly everyone wallowing in debt and our nation perpetually at war killing, injuring and displacing millions of people?

It’s time to see through all of this and establish a united front behind Bernie Sanders and create a force of people so strong it can not be denied. Let’s do it!

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Written by

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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