Lists: Presidents, Coups, Media Giants & Oligarch Protection Units (OPUs)

— In this movie, we are not the ‘good guys’!

Michael Weddle
2 min readFeb 20, 2022

List of US presidents from 1922 to 2022 (includes party affiliation, years in office and political pedigree):

List of US-involved government overthrows/coup d’états. Remember World War I and World War II absorbed the earlier portion of the 20th century:

Bonus Lists

Preserve Oligarchy— America became Bush-Clinton Land:

Preserve Oligarchy — Oligarch Protection Units:

Oligarchy Recipients — Defense Contractors Who Get $750+ Billion Gifted from Congress:

List of Five Media Companies Controlling 90% of All Media:


News Corporation




Some of My Songs That Fit The Above-Described America:



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