To avoid super delegates selecting on the 2nd ballot in a deadlocked convention, are you willing to pledge your delegates to Bernie Sanders to assure the progressive cause wins?

Additionally, progressives went into the 2016 DNC convention without your unity … you do realize what happened, do you not?

Also, can you yell at Trump like Bernie can?

In 2016, Bernie drew the support of seven of every 10 Independents, meaning he’d have strong coat-tails for carrying both chambers of Congress, governor seats and state legislatures. Can you promise strong inroad support among the 40% of Independents voters?

At present, Centrist DNC war room tactics, three years of Russiagate, 25 declared Democrats and a strong anti-Trump media bent have produced, according to Gallup’s monthly tracking poll, a GOPwinger 29 to 27% percent advantage over Democrats.

Are DNC political operatives and their consultants really all that keen on defeating Trump & The GOPwingers? Or are they simply content pulling in six and seven-digit annual salaries and it doesn’t matter who wins since everything is meant for oligarchy?

It’s time to turn the tide and for ALL progressives to unite. Warren’s response to the above questions would be extremely helpful. In my humble opinion the Democratic Party needs better leadership!

Written by

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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