Jesse Ventura for President & Tulsi Gabbard for VP — Green 2020!

— This ticket flies all balloons on one string! It’s a winner!

Michael Weddle
8 min readApr 23, 2020


Former Minnsesota Governor Jesse Ventura & Hawaii Congresswomen Tulsi Gabbard Could Win!

Justice Served & Karma Well-Delivered

With Bernie Sanders now a free man, his work largely accomplished, a younger third party ticket of Ventura-Gabbard could not only continue the policies Bernie advocated and help to strengthen the ideals of the Green Party, but the ticket could prove strong enough to put an end to the cruelty of Donald Trump and deservedly leave the DNC political operative-manipulators high and dry with what they schemed for: a No-Bid Biden!

A Ventura-Gabbard ticket would provide unrestrained hope for millions of Americans — it’d keep alive our want, our cause, to live in and for a better world! It’d prove we the people are more important than fatcats at the top, and demonstrate our utter rejection of America’s Oligarch Enrichment Project (AOEP) and the Oligarch Protection Unit (OPU) system set up to support the AOEP.

America’s Newest Voting Bloc

America’s newest demographic voting bloc — voters who’ve been screwed in past elections — would finally see a viable political option free of political party machinations and the powerful media connections that support the two establishment parties. Most Americans want a viable third party option and a Ventura-Gabbard ticket could deliver!

Republican and Democratic parties have been replete with pedigreed politicians who see a 20% favorable rating coupled to a 95% re-election rate. Using voter suppression tactics and gerrymandering of congressional districts, extremely high-paid political consultants act as masterminds who perpetually game the system. Corporate media, which consists of five companies controlling 90% of all media, enables this. Note that when Reagan occupied the White House there were 50 major media corporations!

Working in concert on behalf of the oligarchs, these masterminds keep a duopoly system in power and control. Democrats, at best, get assigned the role of a back-up quarterback coming to oligarchy’s rescue, always with great media fanfare, whenever Republicans have pushed too harshly for Team Oligarchy.

A Ventura-Gabbard ticket would draw Independents, Democrats, Republicans and new voters all of whom are sickened of insider government and billionaire rule. A Jesse-Tulsi ticket would finally serve notice that oligarchy, once and for all, is done controlling America and that America will no longer be a militaristic and economic bully to smaller nations.

Economic disasters resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic could actually help to open the door for The Green New Deal! The Green New Deal which should have been nurtured back when former president Jimmy Carter installed solar panels onto the White House, only to have GOPwinger Reagan remove them. Given the Military-Industrial Complex, Big Oil, Big Banking, Big Pharma and Big Agri, we now know why the distinguished Jimmy Carter was only able to serve one term in the presidency.

Year 2020 means Earth Day is 50 years old!

Earth Day, Jesse Jackson’s two presidential campaigns for peace and social justice, libertarian movements calling for non-military intervention and an end to the drug war, social media movements railing against censorship and surveillance, the occupy movements condemning income inequality and the wide-ranging political campaigns of Bernie Sanders have all proven America not only needs but wants a political revolution — that America needs become a good leader in the world, not be the bad leader it has been.

Oligarch Derby

The last thing the electorate wants for 2020 is another Oligarch Derby where, since Reagan was elected, oligarchy wins no matter who becomes the president. The GOPwingers have historically been best friends to oligarchy. They attained power by using racism and sexism to brand images of the angry white male and the welfare queen to create what became Reagan Democrats. This forced the Democratic Party rightward and both parties began utilizing privatization and deregulation tactics. If anything has ever been ‘fake’ in America, it’s been the concept of trickle-down economics!

America saw its labor unions demolished and its middle class collapsed with poor folks barely hanging on while forced into living within an underground drug-worn economy. Starting with Richard Nixon, America’s domestic and foreign policy became spawned into the subservience of a unipolar nationalistic rightward political sphere from which it, and the world, has yet to recover.

All of the above happened when conditions of the world desperately required that our government move leftward— not to a Clinton-Obama type left, but rather to a Noam Chomsky kind of left — moderate-liberals vs. progressives!

A great example is when recycling finally became popular in the late-’80s. But this only happened once the process became profitable. What’s sad is recycling needed to happen not due to profit-making, but rather because it was needed to improve our world. Same is true with solar, wind and alternative energies. It is downright cruel, for the planet, for America to remain addicted to fossil fuels!

Sadly, the Bill Clinton and Barack Obama Democratic administrations, in essence, governed as though they were Ripon Society Republicans, very much on behalf of Wall Street. Except for god, gun and gay issues, which the corporate media accentuated to try and prove a difference between the parties, there became little difference between them.

The expansion of social media and independent online journalism has enabled a wider share of the public to take notice. The electorate wants a true outsider to govern our nation. Today, it has finally become understood that Trump, like Obama before him, masqueraded as an outsider. Each of their administrations saw 85–95% of all new wealth generated go to fatcats at the top. Since the time of Reagan, CEO pay has risen 940% and worker pay, coupled to a vast increase in productivity, rose only 12%.

Anti-War Military Veterans Ventura & Gabbard

Jesse has deep executive experience having twice been elected governor of Minnesota (1999–2003). He also served four years as a mayor (1991–1995) in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota (population 80,000). He is a former Navy Seal who knows the military inside and out and he sports a big-time very well-known career as a professional wrestler and movie actor. He presently serves as a national/international media analyst and commentator.

With Jesse at the top of the Green Party ticket, Trump would have an extremely difficult time keeping intact crucial components of his political base: anti-system Independents/Libertarians, mid-westerners, members of the military and vast numbers of wrestling and NASCAR enthusiasts.

Trump would be left only with hardcore oligarchs and political die-hards who will always support him and hardcore components of the right wing evangelical religious movements who bus members to his rallies. With Jesse in the race, Trump will lose Independent voters and he’ll no longer be able to masquerade as a political outsider. Jesse Ventura, a proven and well-respected real deal outsider, would tactfully leave Trump draining in his own swamp!

As for Joe Biden? Biden, these days, seems more of a candidate placeholder who even without a viable third-party challenge would have a difficult time going the distance in a general election. Due to his aging experience, he often has trouble stringing coherent sentences together. He excites nobody, has a terrible record on crucial issues and it’s become rare that he’s been able to pull together media appearances where he comes off knowledgeable and/or competent.

Poor Joe is riding only on his history in the US Senate, as Obama’s former VP and his promise to select a woman for a running mate. Importantly, Biden provides no excitement coat-tails for down-ballot Democratic candidates. To put it mildly, Biden’s Democratic primary candidacy was propped up more as a priority tool to defeat Sanders. He is nothing but a waste for Democrats!

Indeed, down-ballot Democrats would do better with Ventura in the race, better than they would with only Biden at the top of their ticket.

Meanwhile, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has served four terms in the US House, is an Iraq war veteran and a major in Hawaii’s national guard. She is the woman who some day should become president. Her courage is unquestionable. Her positions on the issues are on the mark, she supported Native Americans by going to Standing Rock and she has well-proven she’s not afraid to challenge the system.

Gabbard clearly got short shrift from the DNC during the 2020 primaries as party operatives vengefully provided pay-back for when she resigned her seat as DNC vice-chair due to the rigging of the 2016 Democratic Primary. After resigning her position she endorsed Sanders. She was left out of the Democratic debates and DNC media connections were steered away from her campaign.

Tulsi got blackballed by the party and suffered a tremendous indignity when Hillary Clinton attacked her for being cozy with the Russians and wanting to start a third party. Gabbard responded by suing Clinton and making a promise she would not run for president as a third party candidate. However, this promise does not prevent her from accepting a draft nomination from the Green Party as its vice presidential nominee.

What The Media Will Be Unable To Ignore

Unlike Sanders who forthrightly declared conscientious objection, Trump and Biden used multiple Vietnam War military deferments to worm their way out of military service.

Many ascribe these deferments as ‘fake.’ The allegations seem true given both Trump and Biden gloatingly claim they were superb athletes in high school and college, neither had the courage to serve or protest against the war. Trump was deferred for bone spurs and Biden for teenage asthma.

It would seem to me a navy seal veteran from the Vietnam War and an Iraq War veteran army major just might have something to say about the courage of service.

So let’s give Bernie a break. He did good! Let’s now carry the banner forward and get behind Jesse, Tulsi and The Green Party. Let’s help our divided nation become whole again, a better place not just for oligarchs, but for everybody!



Michael Weddle

Founder of Boston’s Climate Change Band; former NH State Representative; Created Internet’s 1st Anti-War Debate; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!