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It’s Time Folks! The Devil’s in The White House!

I’ve long claimed the allegations the Russian’s hacked the DNC and other accusations of collusion from the Russiagate narrative were off base and published from a strategic public relations point of view rather than from true facts of finding. In other words, my standing question has always been: “where’s the evidence?”

Even through the multiple so-called media “bombshells” have been delivered and parroted over and over, I’ve never seen a satisfactory response. This remains true today.

But I’ve always claimed Trump has been, is and will likely remain crooked. I’ve also strenuously faulted the main media for not vetting him before, during and shortly after he announced for the presidency.

Trump never should have won the Republican nomination, never mind the presidency!

Dirty and crooked business deals and soiled and sordid linen is where Trump is weak. Moreover, he’s an outright liar, on both large and small matters. This is not an image a US president should be allowed to project into the consciousness of children, never mind adults!

Get rid of him, but for the right reasons. Then repair our relations with Russia!

Written by

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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