Was Seth Rich Actually Robbed — What Could Have Been Taken?

[NOTE: Originally published as a Facebook Note on August 10, 2017]

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The supposed Seth Rich ”botched robbery” could actually have been a successful robbery!


Presidential elections are not about electing the best candidate for sound governance. In today’s world electing a president is all about money! Billions and trillions of dollars are at stake and where money gets directed becomes contingent on which political party prevails to feed and reward its respective donor streams.

In reality, however, the donors of both political parties still make out. They simply trade positions as to which corporate interest or which individuals get better greased by the largess of government. The duopoly — good cop(D) vs. bad cop(R) — has become the antitheses of The American Dream.

Jimmy Carter was perhaps the last honest American president. Since Carter became a one-term president and hoodwinked out of office (see detailed analysis of Iranian embassy hostages) by Ronald Reagan and ex-CIA director George HW Bush, America has become an oligarchy where citizens have become secondary to corporate profits.

Since time immemorial the duty of a free press — the last line of defense for the people — has been to question authority. Unfortunately, today, it has become nothing but a tool of and for the oligarchy. Six corporations (soon to become five) now control 90% of all media in America. When Reagan-Bush took office there were 50 significant media companies!

Jimmy Carter: America has become an oligarchy!

See also The Princeton Study:

Behavior of America’s Media:

Seth Rich — What Was His Murder All About:

Authorities have shaped a well-publicized mainstream media narrative that DNC employee Seth Rich was most likely killed on the streets of Washington DC during a ‘botched robbery’ attempt. However, in this abundant surveillance camera-sensitive city that hosts world leaders no video exists and the three police body cams have gone missing. Also, no autopsy or toxicology report has been released and people who should have been questioned were never investigated.

Some would say, “this smells fishy.” Indeed, something smells fishy! Can you blame anyone for thinking this!

Since Seth’s wallet, cellphone, gold necklace and watch were still in his possession when police found him, lots of folks have argued he was killed for reasons having nothing to do with a robbery. Indeed, if you Google “killed but wallet found” you’ll find numerous incidents where robbery is not suspected as to why the victim was murdered.

Hillary Clinton blew 1.2 billion dollars losing the presidential election to a masquerading political outsider and shady billionaire businessman, Donald Trump. A tidy sum! Nobody thought Hillary could lose the election where so many money ducks had curried her favor. Billions or trillions of dollars and many domestic and international political favors were contingent on Clinton winning. “She had to win at all costs” became the prevailing mentality. This is why the only honest candidate in the race, Bernie Sanders, was ruthlessly cheated by Clinton Democratic operatives!

What is the value of a human life when measured against billions of dollars of pre-ordained profit?

From Mother Jones (September-October 1977 issue):

“Ford waited eight years because its internal “cost-benefit analysis,” which places a dollar value on human life, said it wasn’t profitable to make the changes sooner.”

In effect, Ford determined it was cheaper to pay the costs of the lawsuits rather than fix the defects which would save lives. At what price does an insurance actuary assign to the costs of war? How much would life insurance cost for an Iraqi? A Libyan? A Syrian? And what of the profits of Dick Cheney’s Halliburton from the Iraq War when measured against the millions killed and homeless?

If it became known Seth Rich was the leaker of DNC documents to Wikileaks then those who discovered this would certainly do everything within their power to prevent a second leak of damaging information that potentially could cost Clinton her presidency. Yes, Clinton had baggage but at all costs her baggage had to be kept in check or minimized. Consider the possibility that, for the sake of a billions or trillions of dollars, sometimes drastic action becomes required.

Is It Possible Seth Rich Actually Was Robbed?

I pose the possibility his murder might not have been a botched robbery at all. It’s quite possibly have been a very successful robbery! If so, what was taken?

The Forensicator, a tech expert, deeply researched the metadata of the Guccifer 2.0 documentation. Forensicator’s research showed the speed of the download could not support a hacked download from the internet, that the documents had to have been quickly downloaded onto a thumb drive which then got passed to Wikileaks. It was also proved this leaked download took place in the Eastern Time Zone.

This research eliminates the Russians as suspects for the DNC Wikileaks releases.

Also significant is the telling fact that no Wikileaks DNC/Podesta exposures were released during the time following Seth Rich’s death. None of the emails Wikileaks exposed were dated after his death.

So why would America’s main media, and politicians with a vested interest, give up attacking the Russians simply because a tech guy named Forensicator published a finding disproving a Russian hack of the DNC? A fair question!

Well, it turns out the Forensicator’s research was scientifically duplicated by retired technical directors of the NSA. See the following:

Former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura’s son Tyrel and Tabetha Wallace interviewed former CIA analyst Ray McGovern, a founding member of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS). VIPS was 100 percent on the mark proving before the war that Saddam Hussein had no WMD and was not harboring Al Qaeda terrorists.

Seth Rich Was Robbed!

In consideration to all of the above, I pose the theory Seth Rich might have been robbed of a second thumb drive which could have gone on to Wikileaks, which would have completely destroyed any hope of Clinton, the money behind her and her winning the presidency! Also, a second thumbdrive could have implicated others.

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A Thumbdrive Can Be Sneaky, Hard To Find — Unless You’re Looking For It!

The value of a DNC thumbdrive can be way more valuable than that of a wallet, a watch, gold necklace or cellphone!

[NOTE: I’m just posing a theory. But given the mainstream media has given up on investigative journalism, especially in a matter which doesn’t fit its popular narrative, citizens must rise to the task! And many are doing this. If you can help in some small way, you should!]

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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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