It’s a True Pity!

— Most Americans foolishly and unwittingly went along and are only gradually waking up!

CIA Factcheck Book Relative to Median Age

R.I.P. William Blum

Food for Thought

While you were all bogged down on god, gun and gay issues, as intensely pushed by US media, in order to define whether you were a good Republican or Democrat, what was really happening was the greatest swindle ever on earth: a theft of unionized working people in America while the poor were relegated to live within a dangerous underground economy.

The American Dream was stolen!

America’s military-industrial-media complex, America’s drug war and America’s regime-change foreign policy of dominion of natural resources and profiteering has yet to receive a close examination. America’s monopolized media will only inform you about Russian oligarchs, rarely ever anything about American oligarchs.

This condition will prevail until even more people take to the streets in protest.

It’s best to think of the governing of our nation as America’s Oligarch Enrichment Project (AOEP) where only America’s top 10% benefit. The Oligarch Protection Units (OPUs) that support and enable America’s oligarchy are as follows:

  1. Extremely high-paid consultants/lobbyists
  2. Office of the presidency — executive, judicial & diplomatic appointments and geopolitical control of the military.
  3. Members of Congress, governors and state legislators
  4. America’s monopolized corporate-controlled media

Every presidential election since Reagan has proven nothing but an Oligarch Derby!

Both political parties opposed Bernie Sanders

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