I’m Making An Out-On-The-Limb Guess Trump Won’t Run in 2020

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He’ll continue campaigning to take in massive amounts of money which he’ll abuse later; he’ll enjoy several departing self-praiseworthy rally events to continue his belief in his own image; and he’ll attempt to preserve what he’ll consider the future dynasty of the Trump name and brand. He may yet even get his hotel in Moscow — lol!

You see, for Trump, it’s not a matter of living and acting in the spirit of living and governing for others. For him, it’s more a matter of maintaining his own fame and fortune. There can be little doubt that Trump would enjoy his retirement much more than he would attempting to preserve what can only be construed as the most controversial presidency in US history. So try thinking of Trump as retired like the very esteemed Jimmy Carter. Except Trump will be wearing his duds when not showing off on a golf course!

My Spider sense tells me Trump, with the presidency already thickly notched in his belt, is sick of being the president. I think he now thinks maintaining the presidency is too risky for both he and his family. By not running, he’ll likely escape potential legal indictments, win any potential impeachment trial in the US Senate and acquiesce with several “for the good of the nation” deals he’ll make with oligarchs, politicians, media and investigators.

As part of “The Deal of The Century” Trump will likely limit the intensity of his counter-attacks against several investigatory agencies. The obviously much-maligned investigatory agencies will appreciate any deal that’ll enable it to maintain its purported squeaky clean image. The thought of the day will become: Why walk through hell when you don’t have to?

Another principle reason why I think Trump won’t run is he’s simply incapable of pulling together a quality presidential administration. Running the government is not like getting or providing approval or rejection from mob ties. It’s seems clear Trump simply can’t appoint a quality government. He must know this by now. I think it’s dawning on him that rather risking making matters worse for himself, he can opportunistically bow out and achieve tremendous cheering in the process.

Trump & Government

On June 18, 2019, MSNBC tweeted the following:

Key Trump Administration Vacancies Operating With Acting Leaders

Acting Defense secretary

Acting DHS secretary

Acting UN ambassador

Acting SBA administrator

Acting chief of staff

Acting FEMA director

Acting ICE director

Acting USCIS director

Acting FAA administrator

In conclusion, my Spider sense tells me the GOPwingers might try for a different kind of presidential ticket in 2020, this in an effort to recover from Trump-Pence. I’ll go further out on the limb and state it wouldn’t surprise me to see a Trey Gowdy-Bill Weld Republican ticket. After four years of a bumbling often incoherent Trump, the oratory skills of Gowdy and the laid-back demeanor of Weld might well appeal to those who hobnob over bacon-wrapped scallops in The Beltway.

Unfortunately, the way America is shaped to the dollar, such a ticket just might work for an oligarchy that always fixes to win.

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My hope is all of the above becomes moot, the oligarchs of both political parties finally lose, and Bernie Sanders wins the Democratic nomination and goes to prove tremendous coat-tails winning not only the White House but Congress, governorships and state legislatures far and wide. Vote for Bernie!

Written by

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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