If Trump is Putin’s Puppet, Are You Clinton’s Puppet? What Russiagaters Ignore!

Let’s Examine Russian Policy With The Policy of Democrats & Republicans?

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Sort of Felt This Way, Didn’t It?

Does The New Russia — Not The Old Soviet Union — Really Deserve The Onslaught of America’s Vicious Accusations, Threats, Attacks and Economic Sanctions?

Well, Russia does suffer the indignity of having America’s military might completely surrounding its borders, including increasing encroachment on the part of the US-led NATO. Comparatively, Russia has about a dozen military bases worldwide compared to America having around 900. Russia was already was in Crimea — maintaining a naval port since the time of clipper ships — before Crimeans voted to become part of Russia, and it was invited to help in Syria and Libya. Try naming some of the nations the US has militarily barged in on uninvited.

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How Does Russia Compare with Democrats & Republicans

While conducting an internet search I came across the below site comparing the policies of Democrats vs. Republicans:

Is Putin a Better Democrat than America’s Democratic Leadership?

Frankly, I find it incredible so many Democrats find any time to condemn Russia due to Hillary Clinton! Putin doesn’t think like Trump at all. Realistically, he’s apt to think to the left of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and more like Bernie Sanders! Putin has a philosopher Alexandre Dugin and labor leaders in his ear; whereas Trump has mercenary soldier-killer Eric Prince and neocons like Bolton, Pompeo and Abrams— Big difference!

Average Cost of Education in Russia:

Average Cost of Education in United States:

Russia’s infrastructure vs. US infrastructure?


United States:


If Democrats and Republicans were visiting Russia, would they be bored? I doubt it. Rock n’ Roll is alive and well in Russia!

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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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