If Trump is Putin’s Puppet, Are You Clinton’s Puppet? What Russiagaters Ignore!

Let’s Examine Russian Policy With The Policy of Democrats & Republicans?

Michael Weddle
7 min readApr 18, 2019


Sort of Felt This Way, Didn’t It?

Despite America’s strong media push and incessant accusations from many of our politicians, I do not believe Russia hacked the DNC. Did Russia do what lots of nations do — Israel, Iran, China, North Korea or the UK, etc. — during elections by nosing around? Most likely. There exists no evidence to prove it did, other than DNC-hired tech firm Crowdstrike’s two reports claiming it did. The FBI, after numerous requests, was never allowed to forensically examine the DNC computer system. Now compare Crowdstrike’s disputed findings to other highly-respected intelligence experts, including former NSA and CIA top dogs:

The Hillary Clinton Campaign, which had complete control over the DNC, certainly had a motive for making the Russians-hacked accusation given the information Wikileaks published showing how the 2016 Democratic Primary was rigged to Clinton’s favor over Bernie Sanders. Indeed, there was a solid reason why five DNC officials were fired immediately after Wikileaks released the reports!

Does The New Russia — Not The Old Soviet Union — Really Deserve The Onslaught of America’s Vicious Accusations, Threats, Attacks and Economic Sanctions?

Well, Russia does suffer the indignity of having America’s military might completely surrounding its borders, including increasing encroachment on the part of the US-led NATO. Comparatively, Russia has about a dozen military bases worldwide compared to America having around 900. Russia was already was in Crimea — maintaining a naval port since the time of clipper ships — before Crimeans voted to become part of Russia, and it was invited to help in Syria and Libya. Try naming some of the nations the US has militarily barged in on uninvited.

Also, Russia’s military budget is dwarfed by what the US spends. Consider the following:

“Russian President Vladimir Putin said Monday that he plans to reduce military spending in 2018 and 2019 as the country will mainly focus on solving domestic problems.” Source: Xinhuanet; issued March 20, 2018)

Meanwhile, Russia spends 61 billion on defense compared to the US spending 716 billion. Astoundingly, the US spends this exorbitant amount despite being surrounded by two expansive oceans and a friendly nation to the north and to the south.

It’s pretty clear America uses its powerful military in order to help make money for the guy below who plays chess against fate of a genuine citizenry who desires only a good home, a good job, the ability to support a good family and perhaps a shot at affording a hot dog and a beer at a big league ball game. American families also like to have enough money so they can afford a family emergency and it’s sad only half of us have retirement benefits.

The American Oligarch Enrichment Project’s chess-playing gentleman, depicted above, according to Freedom House in 2015, conducted military arms business with 73% of the world’s dictators. The late-legendary journalist/author William Blum compiled a list of nations the US has overthrown or attempted to overthrow since the Second World War.


The gentleman playing chess above is hungry. He holds an insatiable appetite for the obscene profits derived from legally selling military arms and smuggling illicit drugs and weapons to dictators so as control and extract the resources — oil, diamonds, uranium, gold, silver, copper, tin, timber, rubber, cobalt and more — from smaller developing nations.

One could compare the US to the Marvel Comic character Galactus, a planet-eating deity who devoured whole planets for wealth and nourishment!

US Federal Reserve-backed IMF and World Bank loans get doled out to needy nations in exchange for allowing a US military presence and placement of a US corporate-friendly ambassador to assure that nation’s mineral resources get mined with slave-like labor making it possible maximize corporate profits.

America’s average citizen gets a mere bread crumb from this behavior, and too many get nothing at all!

How Does Russia Compare with Democrats & Republicans

While conducting an internet search I came across the below site comparing the policies of Democrats vs. Republicans:

After reviewing these comparisons, I next thought: How does Russia compare with Democrats and Republicans? My question was prompted after reviewing Russian president Vladimir Putin’s past two state of the union speeches (largely uncovered by western media) where he emphasized Russian domestic policy.

While reviewing his two speeches I couldn’t help but think: “Hmmm. Putin seems as though he’s a better Democrat than America’s Democrats, especially America’s Democratic leadership.” This, of course, against a backdrop of Republicans always being off the rails with respect to domestic policy.

Is Putin a Better Democrat than America’s Democratic Leadership?

Frankly, I find it incredible so many Democrats find any time to condemn Russia due to Hillary Clinton! Putin doesn’t think like Trump at all. Realistically, he’s apt to think to the left of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and more like Bernie Sanders! Putin has a philosopher Alexandre Dugin and labor leaders in his ear; whereas Trump has mercenary soldier-killer Eric Prince and neocons like Bolton, Pompeo and Abrams— Big difference!

Russia allows for abortion, has a strongly-enforced minimum wage, has gun control and hasn’t used its rarely-used death penalty in 20 years. Its highest corporate tax rate was 40% (normally it’s 20%) and the personal tax rate remains consistent at 13%, however Putin is planning a progressive increase for higher incomes up to 20%. Companies pay 30% for social security and workers pay 0%. Russia’s sales tax rate is 20% and it has a consumer protection act.

Russia has free health care for all, cares for its elderly and disabled. It’s retirement age — with pensions for all (hello USA!) — for women is 60, for men 65. Families with three or more children get a $6,850 written off of their mortgages. On gay issues it appears Russia has sort of a ‘Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell’ policy. Remember, America didn’t get its act together on these issues till around 2015. Under Putin’s government life expectancy increased by eight years.

How would a Democrat like education in Russia? From Google: Education in state-owned secondary schools is free; first tertiary (university level) education is free with reservations: a substantial number of students enroll on full pay. Male and female students have equal shares in all stages of education, except in tertiary education where women lead with 57%.

Average Cost of Education in Russia:

Average Cost of Education in United States:

US Democrats often boost of the Clinton and Obama surpluses that promptly were demolished in succeeding GOPwinger administrations. It turns out Russia has $460 billion in reserve, its debt level only at 29% (what’s the US debt level?) of the gross domestic product and has an import cover of 15.9 months. Russia can thus withstand a global catastrophe even with a low level of economic growth.

America’s poverty rate fluctuates between 11 and 14%; Russia’s poverty rate is 13% and down significantly from its high of its immediate post-Soviet Union rate of 35%. Regarding union labor in Russia, the country has 67 million workers, 20 million of whom are members of the Federation of Independent Trade unions of Russia which accounts for 95% of all unionized workers. The current rate of union membership in America is 10.8%.

Russia’s infrastructure vs. US infrastructure?


United States:


If Democrats and Republicans were visiting Russia, would they be bored? I doubt it. Rock n’ Roll is alive and well in Russia!

PS: Please help to build a United Front behind Bernie Sanders. America needs vision in the White House, not opportunism! Let’s also hope Jeremy Corbyn wins in Britain. It’s a realistic possibility that Sanders and Corbyn could actually team with Vladimir Putin of Russia and Xi Jinping of China and finally begin dealing with our world’s serious problems, starting foremost with possessing the right attitude for making healthy and important changes.



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