If Only Congress Had The Guts!

I know, this is a whopper … but sometimes you’ve gotta think outside of the box, especially if you and everybody else is boxed in misery!

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Trump claims “people would revolt” if he’s impeached.

Revolt is a possibility. However, any such revolt should not exist due to a Trump impeachment. The revolt should be reserved for who’d replace him into the presidency.

If Trump is replaced for the good of the people then the individual replacing him precisely should explicitly be for the good of the people. He should not be replaced with another corporate hack!

Before impeaching or removing Trump (Pence also), Congress should declare a state of national emergency to last until the next scheduled 2020 presidential election. This emergency decree should also include a temporary suspension of the order for presidential and vice presidential transition as constitutionally defined.

This national emergency should be declared due to climate change and the impending peril of the planet, as defined by the world’s scientists. Within this state of emergency a temporary president and vice president would be declared by Congress to replace both Trump and Pence.

The best individual for such a crucial transitional appointment is Bernie Sanders who for 30 years has demonstrated a record of warning our nation where it was headed, one who intuitively saw what was to come. He’s also a political Independent politician who maintains a broad appeal to Independent voters and members of both political parties in America.

The emergency decree should also include a Joint House-Senate Resolution declaring wealth inequality has seriously threatened the freedom and privilege of our nation, that a Commission should be formed to study and articulate a solution.

Frankly, America needs a fresh start much like what we saw from the Roosevelt-Wallace Administration coming out of The Great Depression.


Written by

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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