I Could Have Been A General & Won Wars ….

— The chess player within instead inspired me to become a pacifist!

Michael Weddle
9 min readOct 30, 2019


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Wikileaks publisher Julian Assange, himself a lifelong pacifist, has been a political prisoner for the past eight years. His work exposing transparency in governments is too powerful for any government — especially the United States of America — to deny or repress.

Advocate and adorn the truth. Free Assange … imprison me, or perhaps even you would volunteer to take his place!

Pacifists and those wanting transparency in governments do not view Donald Trump oligarchs or Hillary Clinton warmongers in a favorable light. In fact, we condemn them and dedicate our lives opposing them.

Bernie’s Revolution

In the 2016 presidential election, Bernie Sanders should have become America’s 45th president. Any reasonable thinker — not just because of climate change — would support his solutions to how unfair our world has become domestically and internationally.

We couldn’t find a better male or female political candidate anywhere as honest and as dedicated as Bernie Sanders!

How Do We Elect Bernie Sanders in 2020?

First, we need to understand how he lost in 2016. Sanders lost not because of ideas and advocacy or how he campaigned to present his positions. He lost because the political and economic deck was thoroughly stacked against him.

Who stacked the deck?

America’s Oligarch Enrichment Project (AOEP):

The AOEP oversees four Oligarch Protection Unit (OPU) components: 1) Republican Party; 2) Democratic Party; 3) Deep State Intelligence; and 4) America’s monopolized media. These OPU units often overlap and each holds tremendous power and influence over our citizenry.

Almost always the political candidates who face off from both political parties are pedigreed as OPU-friendly. All the candidate need do is raise money from pre-assigned sources and pass legislation provided to them by lobby organizations like the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the American-Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC) and various defense, petroleum or pharmaceutical-connected lobby groups.

This is why the approval rate for members of Congress is 15 to 20% but their re-election rate is 95%. The system is rigged by the money interests. (see the 2014 Princeton University Study on Oligarchy)

It’s all about the money and most of those involved in the AOEP profiteering system, including the national or top state politicians, typically command seven-digit salaries. To justify their reward, they remain dedicated only to the masters of oligarchy. The AOEP is “quite the club.”

Never forget you are not in this club and odds of you becoming a member are similar to those of a single tweet in the universe being read by all!

So back to Bernie Sanders who opposes the AOEP

Sanders, throughout his political career — mayor of a typically-sized American city, US congressman, US senator and twice a presidential candidate — has seen it all. He knows what’s been and he knows what’s likely to come. His experience advocating for sound governance on behalf of people and not for corporations is as deep as any politician we’ve ever seen in our lifetime. The closes comparative politician is FDR.

His speeches over the decades have seen him opposing CEO pay rising 940% to worker pay rising only 12%. He opposed deregulating Glass-Steagall which enabled banks to speculate in the markets; he opposed deregulating the FCC which enabled five media corporations to today control 90% of all media; and he has opposed America’s continuous regime-change war policy where veterans come home only to become mistreated; and much more.

Bernie Sanders has been right on every important issue since JFK was shot right up to his opposition to Trump and when Trump and Barack Obama enabled 85 to 95% of all new wealth created in America to go into the pockets of the fat cats at the top!

The AOEP, its OPU units, vehemently oppose Bernie Sanders and will do all that possibly can be done to prevent him from becoming America’s 46th president. Below, is how they are attempting to achieve their objective.

The still Clinton-controlled DNC has flooded the Democratic primary with multiple candidates from the early-voting states in order to dilute the Sanders vote. The centrist political operatives have pushed the all of the right demographic buttons related to youth, sex, race and even added in a faux progressive in order to present candidates that will prevent Bernie from running away with the nomination.

The operatives have used professional polling organizations to anoint Obama’s vice president Joe Biden as the media presumed front-runner even though Biden has been unable to produce any voter support on the Internet (a very good barometer) or gather any large crowds for his speeches. Sensing the weaknesses of Biden, that he won’t run away with the nomination, they’ve tried to build up other candidates to challenge Sanders.

First, the DNC and OPU media hyped up Rep. Beto O’Rourke, a youthful Kennedyesque image from Texas and former HUD secretary Julian Castro, a young Latino from Texas; then Sen. Kamala Harris, a young black female from California and Sen. Cory Booker a young black male from New Jersey; and then Mayor Pete Buttigieg, a young Midwestern ex-Intel veteran. They needed one of ‘em to grab some mo-mo and catch on. None did.

They finally settled on a lower-tiered priority, the quasi-progressive but still party loyalist Sen. Elizabeth Warren. She could easily steal progressive votes from Sanders and grab a tidy share of votes from the nation’s first primary state New Hampshire.

All the centrist political operatives needed was for one of the above-named candidates to catch on so as to dovetail Biden and Sanders in the delegate count, thus splitting the delegates so neither candidate can achieve 51% going into the Democratic Convention. Failure to hit this number would leave deciding the nomination to the Super Delegates who can only vote on the 2nd ballot.

Meanwhile, to also make it difficult for Sanders, the DNC has encouraged caucus states (which Bernie won in 2016) to become primary states and they wish to expand the number of closed primary states where Independent voters (who favor Bernie) can not vote.

A CNN poll came out today for New Hampshire showing Sanders in the lead with 21%, Warren at 18%, Biden 15%, Buttigieg 10% and Gabbard, Klobachur and Yang each at 5%.

Gabbard and Yang are no threat to Sanders as ultimately they would assign their delegates to Bernie. Warren is the serious problem! By claiming she is a female progressive and being from Massachusetts she thus compets with Vermont’s Sanders for “home field advantage in NH.” In reality, Warren has proven she’s aligned with Clinton. Her delegates at the convention would not go to the progressive Sanders.

So now imagine Warren, Gabbard and Yang progressive votes added into Bernie’s tally. We’d end up with Sanders at 49% leaving Biden and the others way behind in the dust. This would likely create the momentum necessary for Sanders to win the nomination on the first ballot.

But Warren, the party loyalist, won’t leave the race. This is true as Warren, despite her progressive pronouncements, is indeed a Clinton loyalist!

How The Chess Player Strategist—Not The General — Wins The War

Right now, the way the tide popularly rolls in, the DNC and Media OPU components are working together. We know this due to media omissions and insults to the Sanders campaign, compared to Warren. Liz gets all of the media delight, while Bernie gets the bum’s rush. Meanwhile, Biden’s job is simply to maintain, to the extent he can, his steady-Eddie status. This keeps the three-way standoff intact for the super delegates!

Here’s the kicker!

Presently, the media presents a solid image it is the progressive voters who need become placated, that they are the unhappy ones and Liz Warren supposedly represents a heroic compromise for them. Plus, Warren has the advantage of being a woman! So Warren inherently becomes part of the presumed solution to make progressives happy and therefore they’ll support whomever the Democratic nominee becomes and, importantly, progressives won’t stay home in November.

This is precisely why the media attempts to manufacture Warren as every bit as progressive as Sanders. In fact, the historical record shows there is no comparison. Liz Warren is no Bernie Sanders — never has been and never will be!

But the media wants you to think they are alike. That with Warren in the race, everything is progressive and nice. This is precisely the wrong way to think. You see, progressives do not need to become placated, especially with a Liz Warren who has a GOPwinger background and can’t answer a straight question.

It is the centrists who must become placated! Progressives rule the day, not the center-right element of the party, not the DNC and certainly not the media!

Again, let’s look at the New Hampshire numbers. As proven above, the progressive vote total when added together represents nearly 50%. In 2016, with five Democrats in the race, Sanders won NH with 62% of the vote! Among Democrats, and especially with Independents added into the mix, it is the progressives who rule!

Progressives should be placating the center, not the other way around. For Democrats, centrists are proven losers! They are riddled in failure. When Clinton lost the presidency in 2016, also lost was the US House, the US Senate, 33 governor seats and 32 state legislatures. Russians didn’t do this. Clinton’s center-right politics did it! Progressives are the antithesis of Trump & The GOPwingers.

So Who Should Become Bernie’s Running Mate?

Here is where progressives should take over and begin placating the centrists. Maybe it’s time to start building up the candidacy of Amy Klobuchar. What, Weddle, are you crazy? Maybe, but I don’t think so — at least not when it comes to politics. I hold a proven history of being correct and ahead of my time.

If progressives placate the center and begin building up Klobuchar my theory is the problematic Warren will begin to fade. There is no way a Sanders-Warren ticket can be perceived as anything but Eastern, elitist and it won’t play well in The Rust Belt. It’d be doomed from the start.

With Warren staying firmly in the race, Bernie won’t be able to build any mo-mo for his nationwide push. Also, Warren won’t go away with HRC backing her. The only way to get Warren out of the race is to outflank her with Klobuchar. I think the more Klobuchar rises from the center the more the faux-progressive Warren would fall, perhaps even out of contention since Bernie is the only true progressive and progressives rule.

A Sanders-Klobuchar ticket (VT-MN) would fly a lot of balloons on one string. It would sure seem home-friendly, even farm-friendly. It would also attract support from within America’s crucial Rust Belt — a solution for winning!

Bernie is on public record stating he’d like to select a woman as his running mate. Why not take control of the party as the leading progressive and placate the center for his running mate. Bernie from Vermont and Amy from Minnesota compared to Trump & The GOPwingers? Democrats win! America wins. The world wins!

PS: Free Julian Assange!!!



Michael Weddle

Founder of Boston’s Climate Change Band; former NH State Representative; Created Internet’s 1st Anti-War Debate; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!