Since 2015, I Consistently Predicted Clinton Would Lose —Why & How!

[Originally written as a Facebook Note on December 15, 2016 (the introduction has been edited)]

I am as prescient for the 2020 election as I was for the 2016 election!


This first link is to show I know a bit about what I politically write about:

Below, are many Facebook Notes I wrote throughout the primaries and general election, dating back to 2015. They include my predictions why Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid was doomed and why Democrats would lose Congress. I even predicted, in April of 2016, Hillary would lose Wisconsin. These Facebook Notes were written before the Russian hysteria and Wikileaks exposures.

Clinton never should have become the Democratic nominee!

Sickened by the horrific eight years of Bush-Cheney and eight years of Obama-Biden — who campaigned as government outsiders but governed as Beltway Insiders — 2016 presidential voters wanted to elect a presidential outsider. Electing Bernie Sanders, not Donald Trump, was the move! It still is!

Whatever you do, do not let Liz Warren gum up and obfuscate progressive hopes for 2020. Bernie Sanders is the true progressive outsider!

Facebook Note Articles on The 2016 Election

Predictions Hillary Clinton Would Lose The Presidency and Congress:

1) No “Fix” For The Democratic Nomination! — October 5, 2015 (Written in the hope Sanders would get past “The Insider Fix!”

2) Worth Noting! — October 31, 2015

3) Clinton Victory Will Fracture The Democrats — Progressives Will Bolt! — November 4th, 2015

4) I Protest — DNC Presidential Debate Schedule — You Should Too! == November 13, 2015

5) My Holiday Political Wish List! — December 5, 2015 (Why didn’t they do this!?!)

6) United Party of Independent Citizens (UPIC) — A Write-In Challenge! — December 20, 20

7) More on the DNC ‘Fix’ for Clinton: What’s Going On in Utah? — December 21, 2015

8) The Year of The Presidential Outsider: an Inside Baseball Viewpoint! — December 22, 2015 (Predict next president will not be Bush or Clinton)

9) For Christmas Dinner, Fireplace, Couch & Chair Conversation: — December 24, 2015

10) FoxNews Claim Sanders Supporters Hijacked Its Poll! Whatta Ya Know!?! — December 25, 2015

11) “I Will Not Vote For an Oligarch Again!” — December 30, 2015

12) The Year of The Presidential Outsider — An Inside Baseball Viewpoint

13) Sanders = High Voter Turnout; Clinton = Low Voter Turnout! — January 9th

14) Americans Do Not Want Two Bushes and Two Clintons in Four of Five Presidencies! — January 22nd

15) Clinton’s Anti-Sanders Talking Points Do Not Fit Political Reality! — January 22nd

16) Time For Hillary To Fold Her Cards! — January 29th

17) Clinton’s Propaganda Machine’s False Claim Against Sanders — January 30th

18) To Clinton Supporters: Use Your Resources to Elect A Blue Congress; Bernie Will Win Presidency! — February 16

19) Trump vs. Clinton? Democrats Will Lose House & Senate also! — February 24th

20) Beware of The Darling of Wall Street! — April 8th (predicted Wisconsin votes red)

21) Bernie Wins Independent Voters! — April 8th

22) Time to Face Truth: Election Rigged! — April 11th

23) Memo To All Clinton Supporters: — April 12th

24) Ten Very Serious Hillary Clinton Questions Perhaps Not Considered! — April 14th

25) Clinton’s Wall Street Transcripts! — April 16th

26) A New Voting Block: American Screwed-Over Voters! — April 19th

27) Blind Faith — Clinton Can’t Win Presidency Relying Only On Her Primary Voters! — April 20th

28) Bacon-Wrapped Scalloped Democrats vs. Fried Clam Democrats … Huh? — April 27th

29) Clinton Blew Huge Leads vs. Obama & Sanders: Will She Blow Thin Lead vs. Trump? — May 2nd

30) Memo to Democratic Super Delegates — May 5th

31) The Bell of Common Sense — The Philly Delegate — May 7th

32) The Whole Kit & Kaboodle — May 12th

33) The Simple Cruelty of It All — May 16th

34) Will Super Delegates Lose Their Own Campaigns Supporting Clinton?

35) Hillary’s Garden Does Not Grow — July 14th

36) How Trump Could Defeat Clinton — July 20th



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