How Trump Could Defeat Clinton


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If Donald Trump wins, we lose; and if Hillary Clinton wins, we lose. Who wins? America’s one percent (the oligarchs).

Trump, a Reagan-like media personality, vanquished his 16 primary opponents with a claim of being an outsider from establishment politics. His principle accomplishment was knocking Jeb Bush out of the race. Republicans were correct to reject Bush. After all, why would they wanna see three Bushes in three of the past five presidencies? Like Reagan, Trump appealed to angry white male voters and thus created a base strong enough to snatch the nomination.

But, really, how much of an outsider can a billionaire be in American politics? Especially given America’s whole political system is predicated on money? What makes Trump distinct is there is something more precious than money. Ego!

If elected, Trump will immediately shed his outsider status and he, too, will become beholden to oligarchs. How? There are lots of young Trumpees, and several are now delivering speeches, showing a glimpse into the possibility of their future, before the GOP convention in Cleveland.

What Trump’s ego clearly wants is a Trump political dynasty. He wants his family name to become like the Kennedys, the Bushes and the Clintons. And only the oligarchs can help him achieve this goal. So, in fact, Trump is no outsider at all. Like Clinton, he will be strung to puppet masters who have the power, money and influence to create political dynasties.

So forget about “you can’t buy him off because he’s too rich.” It just ain’t true!

Clinton, meanwhile, came into the presidential race already oligarch-bought and paid for. Think. Where did her money and influence come from in order to win over so many super delegates before the first Democratic primary vote was even cast? Indeed, Wall Street used its influence to help Bill and Hillary Clinton enrich their personal fortunes from their careers in public service, knowing they might eventually get a presidency from Hillary.

Ever since Bill Clinton’s impeachment the Clintons have been deep into the pockets of the oligarchs. Yes, Hillary served on the board of Walmart for several years so pretty much they were there already, but the impeachment served to keep them in check and away from the ideals of progressive Democrats which always represent a risk to the oligarchy.

The Voice of Reason Heads West!

In essence, if either Trump or Clinton win the presidency, the oligarchs win; and the people lose!

1) Who would oligarchs prefer to win?

The answer: Trump!

You see, with GOPwinger Trump also comes victories in both chambers of Congress, the federal courts and his personality coat-tails would extend to state gubernatorial and legislative races. Additionally, all of the diplomatic posts will exist to corporate-oligarch favor, and this should never be under-estimated. It’ll become like the ultimate heyday for GOPwingers! It’s fair to assume Clinton only exists as a safeguard for the oligarchy, a back-up Plan B.

2) Clinton’s baggage is as bad as Trump’s baggage. The baggage issues cancel each other out. For example, Trump’s multiple wives vs. Bill Clinton’s ride on The Lolita Express. You are very, very fooled if you think one candidate has something over the other when it comes to political and personal baggage! To put it mildly, they both suck! But Trump seems more teflon than does Clinton.

3) There is a credible stream of thinking the Clinton Campaign colluded with the DNC to assure Clinton’s nomination. Is anyone out there who doesn’t believe this as true? I see people write on social media “she won fair and square,” but do they really think they believe that? If so, they are delusional. Because of this “fix,” Clinton succeeded alienating half of the party of Democrats. Too many Democrats, myself included, will NEVER EVER vote for Hillary Clinton — we will write in Bernie or vote for Jill Stein of the Green Party, most likely the latter.

4) The oligarchs got a lot on the line. They see the 2016 election as their biggest payday since Robber Barons. They see an opportunity to deeply control all of the bodies of government. And owning America’s media should make it easy, as six corporations control 90 percent of all media. American’s media will eagerly spoon feed Trump to the public, overtly and/or subliminally! And the prized print and televised journalists will each see a nice December bonus after the November election!

5) Posing as an outsider Trump will tack to Clinton’s left on war and peace issues, trade issues and some social issues (legalizing pot, for example). This effort will net him votes from alienated Sanders supporters (yes, many are so totally fed up with the establishment, they’d vote for Trump out of protest!). He’ll also attempt to draw support from Libertarian voters. Trump, minus the racism, will appear very libertarian himself and he’ll let you know this. Of course, his racism, the wall and his stands against Muslims will help to keep his GOPwinger Southern/Prairie State Strategy base intact. Losing a Mitt Romney or Charlie Baker-type along the way won’t hurt Trump at all!

6) Then there is the matter of the dark shadowcraft of the GOPwinger swiftboaters (former President Nixon’s Lee Atwater-trained proteges Roger Ailes, Karl Rove, Ed Rollins and Roger Stone). Why would you think Clinton, what with all her new and old baggage, would be luckier than Mike Dukakis, Al Gore or John Kerry when it comes to the kindness of these professional political slime operatives? This political cabal managed to keep President Obama, even though president, as only a ‘place-holder’ where little to nothing got accomplished due to no support from Congress. Trump will point out Clinton also will be unfit to work with Congress. And this will be true!

7) Trump will remind voters that Clinton will face numerous congressional Republicans wanting to impeach her over her email server controversy, Clinton Foundation corruption issues and any number of things they’ll drum up which will become substantial. They might even throw in the Clinton campaign’s behavior during the primaries. Like why did she win on the machine ballots but not the hand-counted ballots? Investigation after investigation creating even more investigation! Trump will remind voters that Clinton will not be able to achieve any of her goals.

8) No matter what the issue, Trump thrives on the media; whereas Clinton fears and hides from it, counting on it to do only what she wishes. For example, she only does vetted interviews with ground rules in place, no press conferences and she does not take questions from the media at events, rarely from the audience. Moreover, her events are confined, limited and vetted. Trump won’t hesitate to use the media to stoke fear into Americans every time a terrorist act occurs both domestically and internationally. He’ll admit the Bush-Cheney mistake and highlight how Clinton’s failed Middle-Eastern after policies gave a 4,500 percent rise in terrorism. He will trumpet the race issue every time a police issue hits the media.

9) Trump will also claim he’s a winner and Clinton is not. He’ll point out her support from voters never grows and that she is famous for blowing large leads against her opponents, namely Obama and Sanders. He’ll point out she lost around 10 of the last 16 political contests to Sanders in the primary, he’ll highlight how well he’s doing in the 13 battleground states and he’ll remind everyone that the Southern and Prairie states are his. In short, he’ll label Clinton a “loser!” He will count on the support from the oligarchs to put him over the top where needed.

10) Perhaps Trump’s most powerful card to play is similar to one he used to defeat Jeb Bush. Just like Republicans didn’t wanna see three Bush presidencies he’ll remind voters they also won’t wanna see two Bushes and two Clintons in four of the past five presidencies. This point will stick in every ham and egg diner all throughout America!

While Trump confidently travels the above 10-point path to victory, smiling and smirking along the way, I guess I’ll be sitting in a pub sulking over a Guinness and contemplating the almighty “I told you so!” Fortunately, for me, I’m a songwriter and I will have yet another song to write. Sadly, it’ll once again be about the suffering of people worldwide, if either Trump or Clinton wins!

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