How Democrats Can Easily Win!

“One For All, All For One!”

Liz Warren and most other Democratic presidential candidates must withdraw from the race! The debate among Democrats should not become incessant chatter and posturing, miscast imagery or about politicians attempting to establish future political pedigree for the party.

The 2020 election is more important than this!

The debate should be about articulating why and how Independent voters should join the Democratic Party. The debate must prove why Democrats are substantially different than Republicans. It shouldn’t be about proving how similar Democrats are to Republicans, especially when it comes to economics and militarism.

Pretty much it’s been like this since JFK was shot!

Bernie Sanders, has very strong appeal among Independent voters and is the clear cut and firmly-established antidote to Donald Trump! This is why, for the past four years, Sanders always out-polled Trump by double digits.

Be Logical, Folks!

High voter turnout = Democrats win. High numbers of Independents supporting Democrats = Democrats win.

The 2020 election is crucial on two fronts:

  1. The make-up of the Supreme Court — we can’t have a Supreme Court deciding in favor of corporations over the needs of people. This must be reversed!
  2. The 2020 Census (conducted every 10 years) provides the statistical information necessary for redrawing congressional districts. In 2010, the GOPwingers won and consequently controlled the US House for four of the five two-year terms of congress.

Political Coat-Tails:

Bernie Sanders, due to his strong appeal with Independent voters is the candidate most able to produce strong political coat-tails to enable Democratic victories in the US Senate, the US House, governor races and for winning state legislatures. Keep in mind after Hillary Clinton’s 2016 loss, Republicans controlled both chambers of the US Congress, 33 governor seats and 32 state legislatures … also the Supreme Court and every diplomatic post on the planet!

Note from the below Gallup voter registration tracking data the crucial importance of the Independent vote. Also note how Democrats and Republicans teeter-totter and keep switching the lead. Given the horrible nature of America’s economics, our policies concerning both domestic and foreign militarization and the clock ticking doomsday on climate change, Democrats should have left Republicans in the dust when it comes to party registration — Ask yourself why they haven’t!

The Best Kind of Democratic Primary:

Sanders should continue articulating his positions on the very strong political movement he created; Tulsi Gabbard should be hammering away hard on foreign policy issues; Andrew Yang’s innovation concepts are certainly worthy of the quality of debate; and the heart of Marianne Williamson needs be understood from a political value.

This discussion would make Democrats extremely attractive and they’d finally become accepted nationwide as a strongly-rooted populist political party determined to make a future — down with the ways of the past! — positive difference for people.

Accordingly, they’d move the political agenda in a solid direction. Their viewpoints, their unity and sincerity of their positions would attract the lion-share of Independent voters. It should become that people are proud to identify with the Democratic Party! Presently, the DNC is widely viewed as corrupt and manipulating — a terrible image!

Key towards this, the DNC must insist on open primaries where Independents can vote. Significantly, the taxes of Independent voters actually help to pay for the cost of primary elections — Independents should be allowed to vote in them! The current trend is the DNC is to create even more closed primaries, thus blocking Independents from voting.

Unfortunately, Liz Warren represents political baggage on multiple fronts, not only due to essentially being an unneeded policy position echo chamber for Bernie, but because her past behavior has too many progressive voters wary, myself included. If she truly is as progressive as she professes, she should immediately withdraw, endorse Bernie and continue her advocacy. Her sacrifice would guarantee party unity and a defeat of Trump & The GOPwingers.

Don’t let party machinations — the Clinton/Third Way wing of the party — meant to keep the Democratic Party fit only for the eyes of certain oligarchs influence you into taking your eyes off the ball! The prize is winning America back for all of us, not for a few of us (see 2014 Princeton Study on Oligarchy).

Consider that all presidential administrations have been oligarch-friendly since Reagan-Bush came into power. This was when the corporate-friendly CIA (Bush was former CIA-director) began controlling our government. More recently, this ‘deep state’ element has captured our mainstream media and this can be gleaned from various forms of censorship within social media. For example, Twitter removed all official accounts from Cuba. Folks, it’s not just Alex Jones-like censorship!

[Sidenote: Be assured Donald Trump is not the chief spokesperson against mainstream media, i.e., “fake news.” The media conveniently and strategically portrays Trump in this light, but understand the media does this in order to reduce or make irrelevant the significance and validity of media criticism from the likes of Noam Chomsky, Chris Hedges and other strong critics from the true left, not the misleading ‘resistance’ left. Understand we are not living in a Yuppie rebellion!]

Finally, our only true defense against oligarchy is in the strength of our numbers at the voting booth — a very high voter turn-out!

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Michael Weddle

Michael Weddle


Founder of Boston’s Climate Change Band; former NH State Representative; Created Internet’s 1st Anti-War Debate; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!