How Democrats Can Easily Win!

— We must say no to the political consultants of oligarchy!

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“One For All, All For One!”
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Pretty much it’s been like this since JFK was shot!
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Be Logical, Folks!

High voter turnout = Democrats win. High numbers of Independents supporting Democrats = Democrats win.

  1. The 2020 Census (conducted every 10 years) provides the statistical information necessary for redrawing congressional districts. In 2010, the GOPwingers won and consequently controlled the US House for four of the five two-year terms of congress.

Political Coat-Tails:

Bernie Sanders, due to his strong appeal with Independent voters is the candidate most able to produce strong political coat-tails to enable Democratic victories in the US Senate, the US House, governor races and for winning state legislatures. Keep in mind after Hillary Clinton’s 2016 loss, Republicans controlled both chambers of the US Congress, 33 governor seats and 32 state legislatures … also the Supreme Court and every diplomatic post on the planet!

The Best Kind of Democratic Primary:

Sanders should continue articulating his positions on the very strong political movement he created; Tulsi Gabbard should be hammering away hard on foreign policy issues; Andrew Yang’s innovation concepts are certainly worthy of the quality of debate; and the heart of Marianne Williamson needs be understood from a political value.

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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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