Has The NRA, Itself, Become Target!

Who Pocketed The Lobby Money?

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The New Yorker Radio Hour presents an interesting dissection of the intricate financing behind the National Rifle Association (NRA): how lobby issues compact into the personal enrichment of those holding power over the lobby.

As a side note, not many folks are aware the Second Amendment actually gave birth to a citizen’s right of conscientious objection. Now consider back when the Second Amendment was created, what exactly would a conscientious objector object to?

1) Would a conscientious objector need Second Amendment protection in order object to one’s own self action, the decision not to carry a weapon? Doubtful as this makes no sense!

2) Or would a conscientious objector need Second Amendment protection in order to protect one’s decision not to join a well-regulated militia? Obviously, yes!

Predicated on being a legally designated conscientious objector — I entered military service as a non-combatant conscientious objector, and was honorably discharged as a full conscientious objector —my conclusion is Republicans are only “strict constructionists” of the Constitution only as a matter of convenience.

Clearly, the GOPwinger-packed Antone Scalia-led Supreme Court acted legislatively with its ruling on the right to carry a weapon. The Court purposefully ignored and misconstrued legal precedent.

Anyway, back to the money!

“Last March, Wayne LaPierre sent a fund-raising letter to his members — an urgent plea for money. LaPierre described an attack on the Second Amendment that is unprecedented in the history of the country. But, in reality, what is endangering the N.R.A. isn’t constitutional law; it’s destructive business relationships that have damaged the organization financially, and have put it in legal jeopardy.”

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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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