Hardcore Republicans/Corporate-elite Democrats Aid America’s Oligarch Enrichment Project?

It used to be said that Republicans stood for profits and Democrats stood for people. But this is a leftover saying from the FDR-JFK days which have long been gone.

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Franklin D. Roosevelt & John F. Kennedy

Although not commonly known, Clinton elite-type corporate Democrats, when it comes to Wall Street economics, are pretty much like Republicans! They, like the Republicans, act in defense of America’s fatcat oligarchy!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKshwoFa30Y ]

Most doctors are democratic socialists; but medical, insurance and pharmaceutical administrators are not:


Most lawyers are democratic socialists; but judges, court and prison administrators are not:


Most academics are democratic socialists; but university deans, regents and trustee board members are not:


Most journalists are democratic socialists; but corporate editors and owner-publishers are not:


What do these professionals — medical, insurance and pharmaceutical owners/executives; judges, court and prison administrators; university deans, regents and trustee board members; and media editors and owner/publishers — have in common with racist, homophobic, gun-freaked and religious zealot ‘bubba’-types who vote Republican?

The nearly all-white Republican Party gains its electoral support largely by appealing to racism of the south, NRA-types in prairie states and by throwing political red meat to evangelical religious zealots hung up on family value, anti-gay and anti-abortion issues. This is the base of the Republican Party.

The above GOPwinger base is then joined by corporate America which historically relies upon the Republican Party for a strong military, tax breaks, deregulation, cheap offshore labor/cheap migrant labor, lower wages in general and offshore tax havens to hide money which effectively gets taken away from the American economy.

Result? Right-wing!

Although non-interventionist in foreign policy and civil liberty-minded on social policy, the Libertarian Party ultimately binds itself with Republicans due economic issues.

Result? Center Right-wing!

Two kinds of Democrats:

Centrist (Clinton) Democrats — they work with Republicans in a good cop/bad cop scenario. Essentially, the GOPwingers put the wrecking ball to a balanced economy, squeezing as much money as possible into the pockets of the oligarchy. Once completed, the Clinton Democrats get elected to perform mop-up duty on the social issues, but continue protection of corporate interests on behalf of the oligarchy.

Result? Center Right-wing!

Progressive Social Democrats —Until the advent of Bernie Sanders the last time this wing of the party had a leader was George McGovern. This faction of Democrats are FDR-JFK pure. They believe in the principles of capitalism but capitalism must play second fiddle to the needs of the people. They are anti-war, pro-labor/health/education/welfare/civil liberties/diversity.

Result? Left-wing!

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A United Front is Needed to Back the Candidacy of Bernie Sanders in 2020!
  • Oligarchs — billionaires and key multi-millionaires. All three branches of government function for their benefit and entitlement.
  • Lobbyist/Consultant Class — Seven-digit salaried servants of the oligarchs. They instruct and guide elected officials on needs of the oligarchy. Also determine how money is assigned to national, state and municipal candidates in order to maintain power.
  • President — serves at the pleasure of the oligarchy and oversees the US military and deep state in order to assure geopolitical control over smaller nations rich in resources like oil, diamonds, gold, silver, copper, lithium, cobalt, tin, timber, rubber, etc. Also tasked with appointments to the judiciary favorable to the oligarchy and making the wider citizenry believe it lives in a democracy.
  • Congress — Most members of Congress live in gerrymandered districts and are bought and owned by the oligarchy. Once elected, almost always are re-elected. They legislate and regulate on behalf of the oligarchy. Also serve as a grassroots front-line to making the wider citizenry believe it lives in a democracy.
  • Monopolized Media — Five corporate conglomerates control 90% of all media in America. It is tasked with making sure candidates favorable to sustaining the oligarchy become elected. Also tasked with providing propaganda helping to sustain the image of freedom in America. Also serves to keep the oligarchy well-hidden.

Wanna know what’s wrong with America? Read this again!

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Written by

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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