Hanky-Panky on Working Families Party Endorsement of Warren?


Who among you enjoys playing poker with a player sporting an ace or few up their sleeves?

Recently, the Working Families Party (WFP) announced its endorsement of Liz Warren, and timed its endorsement with a large Warren political rally at Washington Square Park in NYC where the WFP’s national director, Maurice Mitchell, introduced her. This was paralleled with extensive media interviews, including one featured on CNN, with Mitchell.

To any reasonable political analyst, the whole event — endorsement, rally and follow-up media interviews — represented a classic setting of the table by insider political operatives (consultants). The pro-Warren ducks were lined in perfect order:

First, the organization and tactical end from the DNC (anybody but Sanders) war room, its supporting political action committees, foundations and private donors meant to exert influence over the leadership of the WFP.

Second, the organization of the rally and the WFP endorsement using resources from the aforementioned.

Third, promoting extensive outreach into the mainstream media, largely using Hillary Clinton’s powerful media influence machine. This becomes a political op-ed writers paradise, a televised political talking head pundit lovefest and all news reporting is geared accordingly, all supported by top dollar and advertising buys.

The WFP Vote

The WFP vote to endorse Warren was weighted by two votes, one from WFP’s membership and a separate vote from its leadership. The membership vote amounted to 50% and the leadership vote amounted to 50%. The winner of the endorsement was determined by the percentages from both two groups combined.

Curiously, the WFP leadership won’t release the specific vote total of its membership vs. the specific vote total of its leadership, even though it has done this in the past. This is very likely due to the membership vote favoring Sanders; while the leadership vote favored Warren! Below is a very good description of the WFP vote based on available information:

Past WFP Endorsements

Clearly, the WFP has strayed from its intended mission of grassroots politics and has more recently been functioning within the political domain — call it a grip — of insider politics where inherent fundraising streams play a role. Think of what’s happened to National Public Radio! Below, are two perfect examples:

Previously, the WFP endorsed the consummate insider politician Andrew Cuomo over the very progressive Zepher Teachout. It also endorsed the high-ranking insider congressman Joe Crowley over the notable progressive upstart AOC.

Nice, huh?

Clearly, the WFP leadership has performed a tremendous disservice to its rank and file membership. This whole organization needs be restructured. Perhaps it’s to late to save it, based on its opportunistic posturing and charades regarding Warren.

Who really is Liz Warren?

Well, the still Clinton-controlled DNC war room, with its effort to avoid a Bernie Sanders Democratic nomination, has paraded all kinds of supposedly gallant political knights to head the field of 2020 presidential candidates, using Joe Biden as the centrist barometer and even crowding the field full of straw candidates to obscure the selection process.

They’ve tried hyping Beto O’Rourke as a Lone Star young Kennedyesque candidate, Kamala Harris as a supposedly-amazing female version of Barack Obama and Pete Buttigieg as the young military veteran suddenly mature enough to save the day.

Well, O’Rourke, Harris and Buttigieg each failed the test of demographic viability for a national political race. Each has fallen by the wayside from their early media-hyped wonder days. And the old insider horse, Joe Biden, it turns out, appears every bit as inept as Jeb Bush was in the 2016 presidential race — Biden, who’ll pull up lame, won’t last.

The two graphics below best describe the DNC’s (anybody but Sanders) current hanky-panky:

Sorry, Joe. But they’re not gonna let you drive the OPU squad car anymore!
Give me the keys, Joe … I’ll do the driving!

It essentially comes down to this:

When reality stares you in the face, look deep into its eye!


Additional Reading & Listening:

Soundcloud Interview — The Katie Halper Show — with Working Families Party member:



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Michael Weddle

Michael Weddle

Founder of Boston’s Climate Change Band; former NH State Representative; Created Internet’s 1st Anti-War Debate; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!