GOPwinger Tingles — Ugh!

Ask Donald Trump in 2021 who the greatest president ever was

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My spider sense tells me Donald Trump is not going to run. Much like he never nurtured his companies, why would he nurture the presidency? He’ll simply claim victory, get out by making a deal for no indictments for him or his family and leave the door open for another Trumpee down the road.

He’ll make millions to billions on Hillary Clinton-like speaking tours. Who knows, maybe he’ll get out of debt! He’ll likely at first play hard to get in order to command sufficiently higher speaking fees than what the Clintons got. Come to think of it, isn’t Barack Obama doing this now? Much like the very best carnival barker there ever was, Trump will be speaking on his tours describing his own as the greatest US presidency ever!

Were I the Gypsy The Acid King making a prediction on WHO, I’ve got a gut feeling GOPwingers might produce a Trey Gowdy-Bill Weld ticket, if Trump doesn’t run. This is presumption would be rooted to the likely reality the Clinton-controlled DNC will screw over Bernie Sanders a second time and Democrats will be fractured yet again.

And forget not, nobody trusts the media anymore. And note this is not because of Trump crying out Fake News. The media has simply made Trump the figurehead for fake news accusations. The reality is the media is full of fake news not because of Trump is saying it is, but because Noam Chomsky, Chris Hedges, Stephan Cohen and other credible voices claim and know it is. Whatta ya think Jimmy Carter thinks on this issue?

If Bernie Sanders doesn’t win the Democratic 2020 Presidential Nomination, we are, quite frankly, doom!

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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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