Going Out on The Limb for 2020

Reading brains of traditional political operatives

My first prediction will be Donald Trump won’t run for a second term. I think he’s sick of it and mostly wants to survive his term. He’s already got the notch in his belt! It’s possible he might make such a deal in order to avoid prosecution on things having nothing to do with Russia. The Oligarch Protection Unit (OPU) is very good at making deals “For The Good of The Nation” and Trump prides himself as a deal-maker.

Secondly, my reading of the tea leaves for the 24-candidate Democratic field is the OPU is very hard at work. It first tried to sprout Beto O’Rourke. This failed. It then aimed for Kamala Harris but she failed also. Then Buttigieg. Another failure. Next they brought in the tired and worn work horse, Joe Biden. He’s now in a free-fall. The Inside Beltway OPU operatives can’t get momentum behind anyone they bring forward.

So now comes former GOPwinger and Clinton-Democratic party loyalist, Liz Warren. If elected, despite some of her public pronouncements, she’d certainly perform like Obama: Oligarch-friendly. If Trump proved anything in politics it’s that campaign promises don’t matter. How Warren has treated the Massachusetts defense contractors is a tell-tale to the story about her. Her failure to endorse Bernie in 2016, her cozy proclivities towards Hillary Clinton and failure to show up at Standing Rock are telling!

As of this writing, Warren is suddenly enjoying an all-in media puff-trend on Twitter with virtually all famous media names simultaneously chiming in as a follow-up to a NYT pieces showing how great she is, compared to Bernie Sanders. America’s Oligarch Protection Unit is indeed deep in the hunt for ‘anybody-but-Sanders!”

The Democratic OPU, reeking of same-oldism, are likely now sitting over pizza and Michelob-Lites fanning over a new North-South (Mass-Texas) presidential ticket. It worked with JFK and LBJ but didn’t go so well with Mike Dukakis and Lloyd Bentsen. So I think the Inside Beltway OPU is now hinting at a Warren-O’Rourke ticket. After all, they’ve kept Warren just progressive enough that she can edge out Bernie without it looking obvious.

I think originally the OPU wanted her in the race simply to dilute Bernie’s “home field advantage” in first primary state NH and the Super Tuesday state Massachusetts. However, given the failure of the others to catch on to political mo-mo, Warren is suddenly more valuable. Instead of her and Mass. Governor Charlie Baker (reward for appointing the young Kennedy to take Warren’s senate seat) getting a cabinet position in the next Democratic administration, they are now convincing Warren she could actually become the president. The way they see and dream it, the young Kennedy will still get Warren’s seat. These political idiots will think of it as a win-win.

Pedigree politics anyone? You bet! Forget not the mainstream media is a member in good standing of the OPU, much like it was in 2016.

Thirdly, with Trump out, the GOPwinger OPUer’s — seeking fresh political meat to cover over the bad experience of the Trump brand — and also to assure their side of the ticket remains an “oligarch’s cut-choice,” will answer Warren-O’Rourke of the Democrats with a South-North combo of Trey Gowdy and Bill Weld.

If all of the above were to happen the Democrats would find themselves in a very, very tight race for 2020 with no guarantees of coat-tails for taking Congress, governor seats or state legislatures. In fact, with Trump and Clinton presumably out of the picture it’ll become like both political parties starting completely anew. [WARNING: Do not discount the possibility the Clintons are behind Warren!]

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This can just as easily become a Liz Warren suit, including the green plastic bag!

Has Anyone Ever Heard of Bernie Sanders? Damn Right!

You bet. Not only has Bernie earned and deserves the presidency, he’d be damn good at it. America would see a transformation not seen since the days of FDR and the feeling of the American Dream would return to our nation. He’d be good for the whole planet!

For the record, I am a long-time and remain a Sanders supporter. He’s the leading progressive sporting true wisdom — I want him to win!

But, presently, Bernie’s in a pickle from both the left and the right. The main media, doing its OPU duty, has constantly been hammering away at him. Moreover, the OPU has elicited professional pollsters to hanker with the polling samples in order to make it seem more and more like he can’t win either the nomination or the general election. It wasn’t until Biden came in that they found a way to actually supplant Bernie into second place. But, again, Biden’s in a free-fall.

So Warren becomes the answer for the OPU. It can make a claim Warren is as progressive as Sanders. So Bernie, as always, has the heavy pressure from the establishment right. In simple terms, for definitive differences, Warren is a liberal and Sanders is more radical; Warren was pedigreed from Republican pastures and Sanders rose from Brooklyn progressive civil rights/anti-war politics. A very big difference!

Bernie’s newest and perhaps more serious problem of all is the young upstart coming at him non-intentionally from the left, Andrew Yang. He’s a candidate full of new and innovative ideas who has not yet caught the main eye of corporate media. The media element of the OPU won’t like Yang’s ideas at all (They’re too Bernie-like), but it won’t hesitate to use Yang in order to bring Sanders down a notch or few.

How could this happen?

Anyone who gives a sound listening to Yang’s ideas is forced to scratch their head and say, “Yeah, that makes sense!” In reality, Yang is one of the brighter minds to enter American politics in a long-long time. But beyond his fascinating and commonsensical ideas, it is Yang’s attraction to the youth vote, traditionally a Bernie stronghold, that’s most noteworthy. Yang is presently drawing thousands of supporters to his rallies and most of them are younger voters. His appeal to the youth vote will disrupt a large chunk of the Bernie base of voters.

Also, Yang possesses a down-homespun mannerism of relating to his audience as though he’s one of them, which he is. He also deals well against anyone attempting to slight him. He’s smart and he holds an “If I know I’m right, nobody’s wrong will harm me” attitude. It’s quite admirable. He also attended Phillips-Exeter Academy in NH and this will help him gain some traction in the first primary state. Mark my words!

The OPU has a twofold strategy: a) Find a candidate who will do their bidding and make them strong enough to win on the first ballot; or, b) keep the front-runners crowded so nobody has enough delegates to win on the first ballot, thus paving the way for the DNC insider super delegates to select the nominee. Bernie can deal with a) but b) will be nearly impossible to overcome.

Need For A Meeting of The True Progressives

One of the principle reasons I’ve always admired Bernie is his agenda is more important than his ego. For decades he has demonstrated tremendous wisdom against very great odds. He has always stood strong. I think more important to Bernie than winning the presidency is his faith that he must at all costs move the agenda, to help make the world a better place for everyone.

Toward this end, Bernie in 2020 has allies he didn’t have in 2016. Also in the race are true progressives Tulsi Gabbard, Mike Gravel, Marianne Williamson and Yang. So very many vociferously called for Bernie to go Independent third party after the DNC thoroughly screwed him in 2016. He didn’t. He couldn’t do it alone.

But as 2020 rolls along it’ll become very evident the DNC is out to screw him a second time, this under the stringent pressures of the donor-ridden OPU. Several such indicators are already in the mill.

What Bernie should do is call a meeting of the true progressives and begin a dialogue to parallel developments as the primary season matures. Build a united front among the progressives, an “All for One, One for All” strategy. Serve solid notice that same-oldism/screw ’em over tactics of Democrats past will mean, one way or another, certain defeat for Democrats … and for the nation.

There is no reason to lay low on threats for form a viable third political party. Remember, Bernie is not alone this time around. There is strength in cause and, above all, the agenda must be moved!

Down with Oligarchy, Say No To War and Fairness of Opportunity For All!

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True progressives unite for 2020. We’ve had enough of America’s Oligarch Enrichment Project. We’re totally done with it and our children require that we act!

Written by

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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