George H.W. Bush — Treasonous President

Michael Weddle
6 min readDec 1, 2018


[NOTE: An alternative viewpoint on the passing of George H.W. Bush]

Well-placed sources have it that George H.W. Bush went down, not up!

The late-Robert Parry was stationed at his favorite spot in Heaven, on a grassy knoll nearby the Pearly White Gates. Often perched from this position since the beginning of 2018, Parry held a good eye and a knack for figurin’ who’d make it into heaven and surmising who would not.

A renown investigative reporter for Associated Press and Newsweek Magazine, and founder of one of the nation’s premier investigative journals, Consortium News — which accurately described how the build-up to the War on Iraq was riddled with fraud — Parry was now perfectly positioned to confirm many things he’d written about in the past.

Word was rapidly spreading throughout the Heaven community that former US president George H.W. Bush had passed away. Understandably, Heaven’s oddsmakers were taking many bets as to whether Bush’s soul would be delivered into the prized paradise. For the record, Bush was rated as a longshot.

With eager eyes and anxious to interview Bush yet again, especially on his Heavenly arrival, Parry diligently kept to his post. While in wait, he pondered much of what he knew or suspected about Bush.

He knew there were great suspicions Bush was involved with the assassination of John F. Kennedy. He kept thinking about that famous photograph seemingly of Bush standing outside the Texas School Book Depository Building from which supposedly shots were fired that killed JFK. He had heard of reports indicating Bush was in the Dallas metropolitan area that fateful day. Parry also knew that Bush held strong oil and CIA connections.

Hands in pockets, “hey, I’m out of the loop!”

Parry thought back to how Bush twice lost US senate races in Texas, first to Ralph Yarborough in 1964 and then to Lloyd Bentsen in 1970. How, between those senate races he was easily able to win a US House seat in 1966 and re-elected in ‘68. He recalled how Richard Nixon rewarded Bush by appointing him as ambassador to the United Nations in 1971. Then, to help with Nixon’s re-election, he became the chair of the Republican Party in 1972.

Although Bush did his damndest to keep Nixon, founder of America’s Drug War, in power, “Tricky Dick” resigned from threat of impeachment, Gerald Ford took over. Ford promptly pardoned Nixon and appointed Bush as ambassador to China (Nixon had opened the door to China), a place where Bush family connections made lotsa money building golf courses.

A stickler for detail, Parry then remembered how Bush became director of the CIA. This memory always haunted Parry as he wondered what role CIA connections had with the Reagan presidency of which Bush amazingly had become vice president after losing to Reagan in the presidential primary.

Parry thought how the Reagan-Bush Administration had become so crucially pivotal regarding the future American life; how began the decline of “The American Dream” to which Parry had been born into.

He remembered when Reagan-Bush took office there were 50 major media companies in America. Today, there are only five controlling 90% of all media. He remembered back then labor unions were strong and families were supported by a breadwinner. How each community of 25,000 or more had a municipal hospital where all citizens could receive medical treatment. He recalled how college education was then affordable, how high schools then fully funded and equipped their sports teams.

The prescient investigative journalist thought, “Man, a lot sure did change in America since Reagan-Bush came into power!” Reagan held the allure of being a movie star personality who used his Hollywood status to become governor of California before becoming elected president. Bush was a well-connected oil man and long-time CIA operative. In essence, Bush was the brains for policy behind the Reagan presidency. Reagan held the personality, but Bush the connections.

Parry knew it was those Bush CIA connections that actually got them elected. President Jimmy Carter was vulnerable and in difficulty. The economy had moved south, oil prices were very high (thank you Saudi Arabia which bought Rockefeller Center) and that Iran had overthrown the US-imposed dictator, the Shah of Iran. A new theocratic Iranian government was holding 52 American hostages who Carter desperately was trying to free.

“Oh, that fateful period of time for America,” Parry thought. He recalled his September 9, 2011 writing on the subject, after years of research: Did Reagan-Bush arrange to delay release of the hostages thus preventing Carter’s re-election? What role did Bush play? Was this treasonous deal a table-setter for the impending Iran-Contra scandal? Would America ever be the same?

Of course, Parry remembered being in shock over Bush’s response to the hostage and Iran-Contra allegations, how Bush stated he was “Out of the loop.” Sure, the CIA man was out of the loop! Parry knew for a fact that Bush’s claim was not true. Parry, and others, knew the CIA was everywhere and involved with everything — even Hollywood movies! Parry’s colleague journalist Carl Bernstein, who helped expose Watergate, aptly pointed this out:

Anyway, Bush followed Reagan to become the 41st president of the United States — a CIA man finally at the top! But the nation was sickened by the warring ways of GOPwingerism, the hijacking of the American economy and the many scandals which plagued the Bush-Quayle Administration. Thus, Bill Clinton became the 42nd president of the United States.

But the payback was brutal as Clinton was impeached and barely survived his two terms. In the process, banking and the media were deregulated and the politically convenient drug war got ramped up by Clinton. Truth be known, Democrats were now behaving as Republicans.

After Clinton, Bush’s sophomoric jockhead son, “W” then took over the presidency with Dick Cheney and “W’s” dad as brains behind him. Also now supporting the GOPwinger cabal were Nixon’s Lee Atwater-trained proteges Roger Ailes, Karl Rove, Roger Stone and Ed Rollins, each taking full advantage of Clinton’s FCC deregulation policy, among others.

The nation went further into war and debt, privatization become common and America became a nation of prisoners with too many citizens becoming orphans of the courts, locked in debt and living within a very bad economy. Indeed, America’s oligarchy finally assumed all positions of power in America. It owned the presidency, the congress and the judiciary — and the media!

The rich got richer and the poor got poorer!

Due to this Barack Obama magically appears out of nowhere to become the nation’s first Black president. Obama campaigned as an outsider which the electorate, horrified by Bush-Cheney, desperately wanted. But once elected, he governed as an insider with a Wall Street cabinet and Hillary Clinton as his secretary of state.

And Robert Parry kept writing. He kept digging. He exposed it all! But because the American government had been taken over, there was nobody available to listen, to acknowledge and act upon his findings (see 2014 Princeton Study on American Oligarchy).

As one of America’s best journalists-ever, Robert Parry passed away shortly after the 2016 election. On his death bed he had to have been thinking about the take-over of America. How had Hillary Clinton not been upset by the shady mobster billionaire Donald Trump masquerading as an “outsider,” had she actually won in 2016 and been re-elected in 2020, America would have seen a Bush or a Clinton in nine of 11 presidencies with Hillary as secretary of state in a 10th.

This was not Parry’s America. And it is not this writer’s America!

Meanwhile, 24 hours has not yet passed and Parry now has a reasonably good understanding that he will never get to interview George H.A. Bush again. It seems clear the heavenly oddsmakers were correct and Bush will not be passing through the Pearly White Gates to Heaven!

Parry makes a note on his reporter’s notepad: “Another one bites the dust!” He gets up and leaves his perch on the grassy knoll to wander deep into the heavenly forest to have a chat with Henry David Thoreau. Wandering through the forest Parry ponders: “If a plant can not live according to its nature, it dies … and so a man!”



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