Free Julian Assange!

— Democratic leadership has been stupid!

A free press is the last defense of the people!

When Trump assumed the presidency, Wikileaks publisher Julian Assange became silenced. He could no longer communicate over the Internet and visitations to him at the Ecuadoran embassy became severely constricted.

During Assange’s final year of his seven-year sanctuary stay at the embassy, a new Ecuadoran president accepted financial and other overtures from the US government in exchange for silencing Assange’s outreach to the world.

In essence, Assange became totally isolated, trapped in a can. America’s Democrats supported this action that was promulgated by the Trump Administration, and DNC lawyers even sued Wikileaks while attempting to connect Wikileaks to Russia in the process. The lawsuit was dismissed in the court.

A consequence was Trump became free from having to worry about any potential exposures forthcoming from the man with the greatest connections all over the world, from the man who vowed to bring transparency to all governments and from the man with a proven 10-year history for accuracy with worldwide disclosures.

Most assuredly, a free Assange would have worked to expose the corrupt Trump-Pence Administration exactly like it did Obama-Biden and Bush-Cheney administrations. Ironically, a free Assange would have uncovered way more against Trump than did Robert Mueller with his expensive, wasteful and totally misdirected investigation.

Consider that Mueller’s investigation never interviewed the most crucial people: Assange himself, former British ambassador Craig Murray who claimed he flew to Washington DC to retrieve documents he presented to Wikileaks and worldwide internet mogul Kim Dotcom who claimed knowledge to how the DNC-Podesta documents were delivered to Wikileaks.

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All Mueller produced were lots of immunity agreements and a handful of rather light convictions having nothing to do with the original intent of his investigation. Mueller’s investigation, however, did serve to deliver propaganda smack dab into the wheelhouse of a hungry news media that was anxious to cover over its gross mistake of supporting Trump when he originally announced for the presidency.

Not vetted, and full of extravagant news coverage, Trump freely moved on with a pied piper campaign against Hillary Clinton. Nobody expected Trump, who masqueraded as a political outsider, would actually win! [IMPORTANT NOTE FOR FUTURE CONSIDERATION: Never expect a billionaire to actually be a political outsider!] So, today, it is the GOPwinger oligarchs are doing better than the Democratic oligarchs. As always, what a terrible loss for the people!

Anyway, a right wing US president supported by a right wing US Senate, a right wing judiciary, the deep state and a monopolized media continues with its control over America in order to the benefit of America’s Oligarch Enrichment Project. The Oligarch Protection Unit, consisting of both the Republican and Democratic Party, continues with its campaign against Democratic socialist Bernie Sanders who advocates for the small folk.

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Against all of the above, Julian Assange — like Bernie Sanders — is an enemy!

Each of us, in our conscience, should be demanding freedom for Julian Assange! Assange has been a lifelong avowed pacifist since his teenage years. His only crime is for wanting goodness in our world! Arrest me. Put me in his place, for I am guilty of the same!

Written by

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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