Forget Liz Warren … Bernie’s Gonna Run Again!

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The above July 23rd to August 5th photo cover and article of New York Magazine, declaring Liz Warren the Democratic frontrunner, provides a perfect example of main media manufacturing imagery ultimately aimed at reducing prospects for a second Bernie Sanders candidacy. This is pitiful! Warren has little to no support and, at best, would be only a spoiler in the race.

A resident of Massachusetts, I voted for Elizabeth Warren to become my US Senator. However, since she failed to endorse Bernie Sanders for president in 2016, I’ve stopped viewing Warren as the kind of progressive I’d champion in politics. Frankly, I wish Jill Stein, a true progressive, would unseat Warren as senator from Massachusetts!

My heart literally dropped when Warren failed to endorse Sanders before the crucial Massachusetts Democratic Primary. Even though Bernie won the hand-counted ballots in Massachusetts he and Clinton effectively tied the state, with Clinton barely edging a tiny victory. Had Warren endorsed Sanders, Bernie would have outright won Massachusetts as he did New Hampshire, with effective ties in both Iowa and Nevada (absent the hanky-panky on the Clinton rig side).

A Massachusetts victory, on the heels of trouncing Clinton in New Hampshire, would have forced mainstream media to end its blackout coverage of Bernie. He thus would have become better known for his races in the South where he effectively had to campaign as an unknown candidate. Had Southern minority Democrats understood who Bernie actually was he would have fared far better in the South, where Clinton won most of her primary victories. Presently, Bernie holds a 73% favorable rating among Black voters, way more than Clinton. Sadly, this crucial Democratic Party voting block didn’t discover him, what he stood for, until it was too late. Warren could have helped!

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It appears Warren is more an opportunistic-centrist Democrat rather than a true progressive. This is evidenced by Warren hiring Ashley Woolheater as a new press secretary. Woolheater was Hillary Clinton’s former policy chief-of-staff of Hillary For America.

A Liz Warren 2020 candidacy for president would only serve to assist Hillary Clinton because Warren’s presence would crowdfield the progressive vote thereby diluting votes Bernie Sanders naturally would receive. Other faux progressives also will run and curry power favors with the Clinton camp by helping to splinter the progressive vote. The whole of RussiaGate primarily exists in order to help keep Clinton viable as a 2020 candidate. Unless her health prevents her from running, it’s safe to assume Clinton will be running an “I wuz robbed” race. The plan is for either she, or her proxy, to win the Democratic nomination. Anybody but Bernie!

How do I know this? Now at age 69, my whole life I’ve been astute at politics. I was instrumental in the anti-war movement during my early years. I later served as a state representative out of Portsmouth NH by knocking off a five-term Democratic incumbent in the primary, and defeating the assistant mayor’s son in the general election. I ran unopposed for re-election. But my big mid-life decision was to become a musician, rather not an opportunistic politician. My political career ended when I ran for Congress in 1990 calling for drug legalization — I won every debate! I went from serving in the legislature to becoming a Harvard Square street musician — a step up — lol!

In the early-2000’s I sat at my computer in Hull, Massachusetts where I conceptualized and administrated several on-line discussion threads, posting under the name of PartyTime, on Silicon — Don’t Start The War and Stop The War. Back then, Silicon Investor was the Facebook and Twitter discussion sites of the day, perhaps the first ever online. How could mere me, in my humble environment, know for certainty that no WMD existed in Iraq, there was no Al Qaeda presence in Iraq, there were no Iraqi troops at the Saudi border, there were no chemical mobile labs and yellow cake did not come from Niger into Iraq. How could I know this and Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and other heavyweights not know?

Most recently, in the 2016 election, I placed #3 out of 220,000 participants in CNN’s Political Prediction Market contest. I couldn’t do this without have an pretty good sense as to what’s really going on. As a side note, I accomplished this feat without watching any television or listening to any radio. I achieved this entirely from online research and reviewing social media. Please note you will always gain a strong impression of reality by listening to someone who is not propagandized by America’s main media!

My extremely strong recommendation to Liz Warren? Do not announce for the 2020 presidency!

Your candidacy will only result in total embarrassment. You will do more damage than good. Such a candidacy will only highlight your failure to truly support progressive causes, such your failure to visit and strongly support Native Americans at Standing Rock. What tepid support you did provide was untimely, and dated December 4, 2016! Re-opening your can of worms on this issue will ultimately will mark and stain your political history!

Originally published at on October 2, 2018.

Written by

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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