First Ever Internet Anti-War Debate

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I’ve opposed every war in my lifetime! Since I’ve been alive, America has never seen a defensive war. Indeed, I would sacrifice my life in defense of another!

A high-speed typist once involved with the transcription business, I’ve been on the Internet since AOL 1.5/Netscape Navigator. I eventually become an online stock trader with a strategy of becoming one of the very first buyers of a newly-trading stock (IPO) in the open market. With a steady stream of new tech stocks IPOing and their share price rising at rapid levels I’d often buy a stock and have it completely sold an hour or two after purchase. It was pretty good while it lasted.

Imagine how wealthy I’d be today had I stayed long on many of my purchases. But, being me, I couldn’t do it as trading stocks eventually became an addiction like playing speed chess. Moreover, my whole life I’ve always hated money. I think I was into it more for the speed chess effect, plus when I did reasonably well it would supplement my transcription business income.

I was also a backbench folksinger at the time and I worked out of my home. Thus, throughout the ’90s, I threw the very best weekly live music parties (Musical-Spaghetti Night) ever thrown in the history of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Those were really great days in my life.

Because of my stock trading, I put a hundred bucks down and became a lifetime member of SiliconInvestor (SI).com, a stock discussion forum. The forum also offered an ability to create coffee room chat site where a room could be created and categorized under just about any name or subject. This was way-way before Facebook and Twitter. In fact, many of us on SI saw the new online upstarts more as a nuisance … we already had the online game down.

I had my trial SI membership at the end of 1997 and by February 1998 I become a lifetime member. For me, always fine-tuned into politics, I made great use of SI’s political threads and created three of which, together, generated well over 200,000 messages. Below is what SI looks like today:

I very likely created the very first substantive Anti-War debate ever on the internet. The debate consisted of two posting forums which I created both under my posting alias name, PartyTime. The first was DON’T START THE WAR. But when Bush-Cheney, et. al., began the war, I created a separate thread entitled: Stop The War!

If you read through the below-linked sites, you’ll note the GOPwingers became so lewd, crude and rude that the quality of debate eventually faded. Sabotage was always their strategy. What’s notable, however, is much of what was discussed and predicted back then actually became true and humanity continues to suffer the tragic effects from the US War on Iraq!

I also created a third site called GOPwinger Lies, Distortions, Omissions and Perversions of Truth. Sadly, as things have evolved today, perhaps I should begin another one entitled GOPwinger, Democratic and Media Lies, Distortions, Omissions and Perversions of Truth.

Written by

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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