Fear of No Future, We March North

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What Will Become of This Child?


Imagine you live in either Honduras, Guatemala or El Salvador. Your brother, a mason, helped to expose drug dealers in your neighborhood and lives under threat. Your other brother is a journalist for a local paper and he wrote an article causing a corrupt mayor to become indicted. He lives under threat. Your sister works in a sweat shop earning slave wages. You are a Sunday school teacher and were once arrested for protesting against a US company that was cutting down rainforest in order to harvest timber and rubber for foreign export.

Your government is run by dictatorship with intense police rule and gang violence. The median age in Honduras is 23.4, in Guatemala it’s 20 and in El Salvador it’s 27.1. Together, the median age averages 23.5. In America it’s 38.1. Interestingly, in Cuba — a socialist nation — it’s 41.5.

Below is a description of past dictators America has supported in order for US corporations to gain ownership or control, using slave labor, of mineral resources like oil, diamonds, gold, silver, copper, tin, timber and rubber, etc.


You, your two brothers and your sister are reasonably educated and your combined family has 10 children and two parents nearing elderly years. Your entire family lives in daily fear, at risk of arrest, torture or even assassination. The children constantly witness violence. There’s no hope in front of you if you remain living under these conditions.

So your entire family joins a caravan walking north in a hope to find a better way of life, a way to protect the family and especially find hope for the children to have a decent future.


Anybody know what it’s like to live in fear of not having a future? If you don’t take a long walk and think about it.


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