Fare Ye Well, James Brown, Jr.

James Brown, Jr.

Losing JB Junior is a huge dent to Metro Boston’s music scene. Somehow he managed to show up just about everywhere to perform a tune or few. Often his band would gleefully deliver the full-night gig. It didn’t matter where or when, you just knew that wherever he was people were on the move!

He’d perform a room and would instantly create an equal number of smiles with an equal number of dance steps. JB Junior didn’t disappoint. He had the magic touch — he made people move with the groove!

A fixture of many nights at The Cantab — especially the famous Wednesday and Sunday Blues Jams throughout the ’90s and beyond — JB was right there with Little Joe Cook, Shirley Lewis, Weepin’ Willie, Henry Spencer and the lovely lady Gladys (Mustag Sally) who’d always close the show, “we’re sorry to see you go!”

JB would often chime in at my regular 1990s Thursday Night Cambridge Spaghetti Parties and he’d often make ‘The Really Big Party’ whenever we’d have one. JB always made the party better! It was a pleasure to keep up with him after I moved to Nantasket Beach for the 2000’s. I’d often get to see his JB Junior unit perform at our local beach clubs.

If anything were ever true that’s been said about the Boston’s Metro Music Scene, it’d be the statement that “JB Junior got around!”

Tellin’ it like it is!

Rest in peace, Troy Williams!

The Blues Scene in Heaven has Received a Jolt!

Strong wishes and condolences to Faith Festa who always remained at his side. She has some beautiful photos of JB, his friends and musical collaborators, on her Facebook page.

Fare ye well, JB. You made so many so happy!



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Michael Weddle

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