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America needed a Special Commission, not a Special Prosecutor!

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The irony is many of Trump’s Russian connections were known before the 2016 campaign even began. Had these been properly vetted by investigative media we might never have seen Trump as president.

However, Wikileaks disclosures showed the Clinton campaign wanted Trump as her November opponent, this in a belief she could easily defeat him. Wikileaks-leaked inside Clinton campaign memos described Trump as a “pied piper” candidate and one who Democratic strategists and friendly media (see John Podesta’s media party list) should support. And that they did throughout the early campaign!

By the media not attacking Trump early on, as they could have, Trump pressed all the nasty buttons to jump to the head of the crowded 18-candidate GOPwinger pack.

That Russian connections in varying form continued throughout the campaign? Not surprising? That they intensified after Trump was elected? Not surprising.

But one fact is clear. There exists no evidence to prove a Russian hack of the DNC server other than two technical reports from Crowdstrike whose CEO exhibits an anti-Russian bias, and anonymous sources. The DNC refusing the FBI’s request to examine its DNC server has not been helpful at all. In fact, it has helped to fuel the resultant confusion many of us feel today.

Any thinker has gotta admit the Russian investigation loses much of its focus if it becomes proven the DNC leaked documents resulted from inside DNC leaks rather than Russian hacks.

Trump must be attacked primarily because he is a dangerous president and his issues are extremely harmful to the good of the nation.

Attacking Trump on his strategy to win is fruitless because the Clinton campaign invoked a similar strategy, one reliant on voter suppression. It is voter suppression which requires a special prosecutor or commission.

And that’s the way it is!

PS: Wikileaks is named “Wikileaks” and not “Wikihacks!”

Facebook Note Re: Trump Using Fake Veterans Group

The main media never really attacked Trump until it seemed well certain he’d become the GOPwinger nominee. Once this was in the bag, Democrats and main media virtually re-opened the Cold War with Russia in order to attack Trump. Russiagate indeed became the primary theme not only to attack him but also to help cover over Hillary Clinton’s obvious controversies.

Trump’s mob and casino ties and his shady business dealings with Russian, Ukrainian, Cypriot and Israeli oligarch-types were well known before he announced for the presidency. Is it not astonishing that this was ignored before, during and shortly after he announced? It’s been reported that even Bill Clinton held a telephone conversation with Trump and actually encouraged him to run — what’s this all about?

Even when it became discovered, early in the campaign, that Trump had many times made imposter phone calls pretending he was his own publicist, the media treated this more with humor than with scorn and criticism. Why would any American want a president who’d do such a thing? When did lying and deceiving become acceptable and why did the media only think it was funny instead of something serious?

Below, is something I wrote back when Trump used a fake veterans organization for his speech aboard the USS Iowa, just ahead of the Iowa Caucus. The Rachel Maddow report I alluded to in my writing was perhaps her last truthful and solid reporting of the campaign. Apparently she wasn’t then alerted to the spin that Trump must get only kid’s gloves-type coverage. All other media totally ignored the fake veteran group incident.

In conclusion, both the Clinton Campaign and the mainstream media made Trump the 45th president. It had nothing to do with Russia!

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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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