Ever Dissect Fat Cat Oligarchy?

[Originally published as a Facebook Note in November 2015]

[1/29/16 EDIT NOTE: Clinton elite corporate Democrats, when it comes to Wall Street economics, are also pretty much just like Republicans! Both political parties act in defense of America’s fat cat oligarchy!

QUESTION: What do hospital, insurance and pharmaceutical owners & executives, judicial system judges, court & prison administrators, university deans, regents & trustees and media owners, publishers or editors have in common that they share voting choices for politicians who appeal to militant racist, homophobic, gun-freaked and religious zealot ‘bubba’-types?

Most doctors are democratic socialists; but those who own and control the systems over them are not:

Most lawyers are democratic socialists; but the judges, court and prison administrators are not:

Most academics are democratic socialists; but university deans, regents and trustee board members are not:

Most journalists are democratic socialists; but corporate editors and owner-publishers are not:

The nearly all-white Republican Party, renown for over a century of profiteering, solidifies its electoral support by appealing to racism of the South, NRA-types in Prairie states and by throwing political red meat nationwide to evangelical religious zealots obsessed with family values, anti-gay and anti-abortion issues. Harsh treatment of immigrants are also thrown into the mix.

This unusual coalition is a unification of bubba-types with financially glued wealth resources of corporate America. The profiteers historically have relied on the Republican Party’s red meat base for policies of tax breaks for the wealthy, deregulation, exploiting cheap offshore labor, hiding cheap migrant labor, sucking America’s middle class with lowering wages and reductions of benefits, depriving the poor by ending needy programs and enabling tax havens to hide money that effectively gets removed from the US economy.

So what happens when Republicans go overboard, when they too far to the right?

In the ultimate good cop/bad cop scenario, America’s oligarchs then count on corporate elite Clinton-like Democrats to come in like back-up quarterbacks to perform mop-up duty in order to continue protecting many of the above-described corporate interests.

With the media onboard, US politicians govern from gerrymandered districts. They are bought and owned by oligarchy to the point where their 15 to 20% approval ratings still results in their pedigreed 90% re-election rates, all due to the shame of money.

Wanna know what’s wrong with America? Read this again!

Has America’s media Changed? You bet! It is now 100% in the pockets of oligarchy!



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Michael Weddle

Michael Weddle

Founder of Boston’s Climate Change Band; former NH State Representative; Created Internet’s 1st Anti-War Debate; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!