Emergency Fundraiser For Tiny ‘Teddy Bear Dog’ named Oreo

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Hull, Massachusetts — Wednesday, around suppertime, a member of the Dunn family was walking three tiny dogs on a leash in my neighborhood (Sagamore Hill/Hampton Circle). Suddenly a very large stray German Shepherd attacked each of the small dogs, severely injuring Oreo who is a Shih Tzu Bichon mix. As of this writing, Oreo is hospitalized at the VCA in Weymouth. She came out of the fray with severe bite wounds and a separated shoulder requiring an operation. Another of the three dogs is suffering from an infection with a very swollen area.

The primary breadwinner of the Dunn family, the father, is on a veterans disability income. The mother is a caretaker for the elderly and the client for whom she was providing assistance just passed away. She has not yet been assigned a new client, so she’s in-between income.

This family — especially Oreo — needs help from our community.

The family that owns dog that attacked the three little bowers is out of the country. Lines of communication with them are now being established. They will return back to Hull on Monday and hopefully will help to provide greater clarity to the situation.

In the meanwhile, the emergency vet expenses are enormous and at least three thousand dollars will be needed for the medical operations Oreo will require. And, sadly, the vet won’t operate without the money upfront. Also there are health needs for the second injured dog. If anybody can help out, please donate to the below PayPal fund with Oreo’s name:

On the 1st Friday of Every Month we hold a concert at the C-Note. One is scheduled for tomorrow, beginning at 8 pm when the Hull High School Music Department musicians perform. Their performance will be followed by two high school-aged rock bands and then an adult band closes the show.

Normally, the door proceeds are split 50/50 with the Hull High music department and the band that performs last. We will have a meeting tomorrow night and try to arrange to divert a large portion of the door proceeds to help Lil’ Oreo. We will also conduct a 50/50 raffle throughout the evening and earmark all of the raffle money for Oreo.

So please, in a great cause, join us tomorrow night and help to fly lots of balloons on one string. Come down and hear the high school musicians — if you can, stick around for the last band performing, which ironically happens to be my band Climate Change. While hearing the high school musicians, please also join in on the raffle or make donations directly to the Dunn family who will have a donation table set up at the door.

Below is the poster we originally had set for the April 5th Show:

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You can also make a donation directly to the VCA by calling them and stipulating you want to help Oreo Dunn: 781–337–6622

All for one … one for all! Please spread the word — thanks!

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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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