Early Election Night and My Spider Sense Tingles

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Democrats Need The Silver Surfer!

My spider senses are tingling the Democratic surfers will only be surfing on small blue waves, if they don’t outright find themselves on flat on their boards on lakes without paddles.

I fear my earlier prediction a month ago will prove true:

>>>”The continuation of the GOPwinger Crosscheck voter elimination system remains in play in 30 GOP-controlled states. Many, many minority voters who’d vote Democrat will be scrubbed from the voting rolls. GOPwingers have had a long time to work on this since neither political party has even brought up the slightest notion of the possibility of voter suppression. We’re likely in worse shape in 2018 than we were in 2016.

And then there is the very troubling news that Independents make up 43% of the electorate, Republicans 29% and Democrats 28%. After two years of pushing the anti-Russian narrative, the Trump stinks image (he does actually stink — horrible of all horribles!), using sex, spies and various forms of ridicule against him, the Democrats trail the GOPwingers in voter registration. This is pitiful!

Most likely the GOPwingers will retain holding the US House (congressional districts are gerrymandered GOP favorable) and Senate (Dems defending 25 seats, GOP defending only 10), the governor seats (30 R to 20 D) and state legislatures 32 R to 18). Democrats could see some victories in down-ballot races due to Bernie Sanders grassroots organizers, but this won’t make a difference until future elections.”<<<


I’ve been doing my utmost — in a hope Democrats would catch on — refraining from writing a lot about the above reality.

Aside from the terrible GOPwinger grip on our government I’m also very concerned that if Democrats win the popular vote but lose the US House and Senate as well as too many state house races, that Hillary Clinton will use this as an excuse to run again. If this happens, Democrats will wobble into the 2020 Presidential election as if kicked in the groin.

Clinton should immediately disappear from Democratic politics and Bernie Sanders politics need to become the immediate focal point.

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