Down With Pro-War Democrats

— What kind of Democrat are you?

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The last anti-war Democrat the DNC leadership assigned any credibility toward was Rep. Dennis Kucinich. But even then, they couched his views as peripheral to the party and they surmised very few in America would pay much attention to him. In essence, he never received any clout from the party.

Let’s face it. Democrats have been pro-war since Bill Clinton assumed the presidency.

A reasonable thinker would have thought in the aftermath of the tragedy of the Iraq War — which produced millions of deaths, injuries and home displacements as well as secondary proxy wars — that a strong anti-war sentiment would have grown within the Democratic Party. Instead, it’s been the opposite.

Obama-Clinton Democrats, on the heels of Bush-Cheney, expanded Middle-Eastern/North African wars enabling America to bomb in seven nations. Each of those nations presents a median age near 20, a fact never reported by US media. Worse, they outright overthrew the government of Muammar Gaddafi, in Libya and they armed ISIS-Al Qaeda terrorists attempting to overthrow the Bashar al-Assad government of Syria.

Previous to American intervention, Iraq, Libya and Syria were secular governments that offered religious freedom and rights and opportunity for women. Today, slavery auctions take place in Libya and a militant force, backed by Trump, is attempting to now overthrow the UN-sanctioned Libyan government. What? You haven’t read about this in America’s media?

Meanwhile, the war in Syria continues and America keeps stealing land and oil and re-naming terrorist organizations to suit its current military objective.

Moreover, the Obama-Clinton Democrats did not object to a military coup in Honduras and they also helped to sow seeds for war in Ukraine by siding with Nazi and fascist elements that successfully helped to overthrow a Russian-friendly Ukrainian government. When Trump threatened a military coup on Venezuela, Democrats looked the other way, in effect supporting the coup efforts and did not object when Trump stole Venezuelan oil and gold.

Imagine yourself as a news program director for a big network or cable tv station. You’re lining up your guest list for a show related to any number of America’s proxy wars or hot spots which threaten to break into warring conditions. So you call the DNC’s outreach director to determine who they recommend to represent the Democratic side of the argument. What are the odds that recommendation will be an elected official who advocates for peace and bringing America’s troops home?

There is a reason why you never see the likes of Noam Chomsky, Abby Martin, Chris Hedges or any of the writers from Consortium News or Truth Out on the Sunday morning news talk shows. America’s main media continuously delivers dosages of pro-war propaganda!

Proof of the lack of anti-war Democrats can be gleaned from analyzing the congressional votes supporting annual Pentagon budgets. Pro-war Democrats have marched right in step to incessantly beef up America’s military and deep state surveillance projects. Where are the voices of Democrats objecting to the worldwide military build-up of private mercenary armies?

Remarkably, even though Democrats are on record stating Donald Trump is to serve as commander-in-chief, they still vote to provide him executive power over very dangerous Pentagon budgets exceeding 700 billion! Never mind America’s military, should someone like Trump be in charge of locating and directing private mercenary armies?

Also note how the pro-war Democrats have treated Tulsi Gabbard who has become the new voice — along with Independent-Democrat Bernie Sanders — to replace Kusinich as a minority voice for an American foreign policy thatk calls for diplomacy over war.

Jimmy Dore, below, highlights some of the gross contradictions. As yourself: What kind of Democrat are you?

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PS: Russiagate is pro-war!

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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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