Do You Really Know What’s Goin’ On?


The best way to enslave someone is to make the individual you wish to enslave think they are free!

Vote Only for Real Progressives; Not Faux Progressives!

Forget what you read in America’s Washington Post and NYT; and forget what you hear and see on America’s main television or radio outlets. Remember the local media affiliates follow the monopolized media’s lead. Consider also the reporting and opinion of main media streams, for the most part, is Pentagon/CIA-induced. The CIA for decades has been spawning influence over Hollywood. The National Security Agency has access to everything you write and see on the Internet and what is spoken on your phone!

You are indoctrinated. You are watched!

How many folks realize investigative journalism budgets in America’s media have been severely slashed? For example, where is the in-depth journalism on Syria, investigating the to anti-Russian narrative or voter suppression? You’ll only find reporting like this among independent media sources such as Consortium News, The Real News, Disobedient Media or The Intercept.

Pretty much, America’s main media, which controls the news more than covers the news, only provides information ‘they’ want you to have. It’s pitiful the best investigative journalist in the world, Seymour Hersh, no longer is published in American media!

Anybody remember the days when every media source featured an ombudsman, a watchdog overview position, meant to provide criticism that the journal is reporting correctly, using fair standards and remains considerate of important viewpoints? Well, all of ’em are dismissed!

How many of you travel daily upon indoctrinated pathways or get your info from gossip at the water cooler or ham and egg diners? How easy do you think it is for popular opinion to become manipulated? Given the confusion and distraction of every day life, how great is the attention span of the average citizen? How many read past the headlines and into the middle and end paragraphs of a news story? How many of you think you know something and act upon assumption, rather than true knowledge? Sadly, too many are clueless and just trying to get along in life.

Hence, the comfort of home and family becomes all you really hold dear, that is of value. That is, if you have a home and family. Today, it’s like your friends aren’t really with you anymore because they are competing against their own wants and needs and everyone’s options become fewer and fewer. These days it’s hard just to share a drink with someone. Invariably when you do, often one despairingly drinks too much. Then there’s always the matter of licit and illicit drugs where too many folks lapse into self-medicating.

Where have the intellectual barflies gone?

Pursuit of intellect, sound academics and the creative edge be damned! The very idea life can be lived and enjoyed under an extraordinarily different approach, one sensitive to the quality of human need and inspiration has become an anathema. Nearly everyone has become subservient to the strict and limiting stipulations of mean capitalism, too many folks in deep debt.

Today, making the comment, “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer” no longer cuts it. This statement is absent any meaning unless it’s also supported by action.

Yet so few are willing to act!

Inequality in life has become the norm, this against a backdrop of a severe, militarized and discriminant drug war. Amazingly, this drug war keeps way too many people living within an underground reality. They don’t participate in jobs or building families and homes, they don’t share in knowledge … they don’t even vote (which is just the way ‘they’ [the system] likes it)!

If you get married and join the military in an effort to try and get ahead, to use military service as a stepping stone, you can still wind up on food stamps or off fighting in a foreign country for the benefit of a corporate and often racist war; not in a war meant for the defense for America. It means you could kill, or be killed!

The once fond and cherished American Dream meant to flourish “The Land of Opportunity,” has sadly succumbed to the economic interests of The Ugly American, the small few who subjugate the many and who completely control our economy! Who cares about the Median Age (half older/half younger) of nations when there’s the GDP, the Dow, emerging markets and money to be made by a few!

The Princeton Study, published in 2014, declared America has become an oligarchy. Former US President Jimmy Carter also is on record stating America has become an oligarchy. This Study proves Congress legislates on behalf of the needs of corporations; not on behalf of the needs of people.

Meanwhile, America has built the largest imperial army ever in history, keeping around 900 military bases worldwide. Just this year, 89% of Senate Democrats joined with the Republican majority to fund a 720 billion dollar Defense Budget! This was also supported by two-thirds of House Democrats.

The two-party system even voted to provide the president (Trump) increased power to spy on people. Deregulation of business, tax-breaks for the wealthy and the smashing of labor unions has become ordinary. All of this coupled with an end to net neutrality, and now censorship on social media now abounds!

America’s media has become incredibly monopolized whereby only six (they’re trying for five) corporations control 90 percent of all media in America. When Reagan was president there were 50 major media companies! After World War II three out of every four newspapers were independently-owned.

The inequality of wealth in America has become a scourge upon freedom. One would think under President Obama, who campaigned as an “outsider,” small folk would have gotten a better break. However, under his two terms he governed as an “insider” and 95% of all the wealth generated in America went to the fat cats at the top! Here is the larger view:

In decades past, America’s powerful military and corporate might would overthrow and install dictators in smaller third world nations. Once control of the government was assured a corporate-friendly ambassador would get appointed and US corporations easily would exploit third world labor, slave labor even, in order to rape precious resources from those nations: oil, diamonds, gold, silver, copper, tin, rubber and timber, etc. Read the book: The Ugly American — also see America-Friendly Dictators:

The Occupy America Movement finally highlighted the true disparity: 99% vs. one percent!

Everything economically in America is meant for the benefit of the one percent. This is no longer theory, it is proven! The oligarchy clearly has concluded a bad economy for the many is necessary in order to keep enlistments up in America’s military which is needed for corporate advantage.

This then begs the question: What is the value of a society whereby one need join the military in order to get ahead in life? And, even doing so, there is no satisfaction guaranteed!

Let’s use plain language: It’s a beat deal trying to raise a family in America today … it’s a beat deal growing up in America today!

The below link describes how much of the above exists today (please read):

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