Do You Get It? Most Folks Do Not!

Democracy is not keeping a rigidly controlled two-party system, especially when oligarchy resides at the top of each political party!

Some see the forest from the trees … others do not!

I have two Facebook friends who recently wrote the following two Facebook posts:

“The Left are the enemies of freedom.”

“Who else believes that it is time for the citizens to take our country back?”

I offer this article to prove not only do lefties, such as myself, believe in freedom, we also believe in friendship. Below is my response to their lack of foresight:

We in America, since JFK was shot, have been ruled by the Left-Center (liberals), the Center, the Center-Right (conservatives) and a whole lot by Far Right Extremists. The leaders of these political categories have generally been rooted with profiteering from racism and Third World exploitation.

It is an easy conclusion to make that the 2014 Princeton Study on Oligarchy (look it up and read in whole) was not referring to America’s “Political Left!”

The fact of reality is the very best and most efficient way to enslave people is to make them ‘think’ they are free. While main media leads one to believe god, gun and gay issues (more recently immigration) are the important distinctions that divide America’s two-party system, economic inequality — on domestic and foreign policy fronts — has run rampant and it has remained ill- understood until America’s Occupy Movement came into existence.

Slavery and fascism inherently derive from the right-wing politics of power (see the movie At Play In The Fields of The Lord). The supposedly political liberal Clintons were not political lefties (Hillary supported Goldwater!). In fact, they teamed with The Bushes and leaned way more to the political right. But this was disguised and cloaked under god, gun and gay issues. Consider also it was Obama, a self-proclaimed liberal, who brought down and repressed the much-needed Occupy Movement!

Consider the great all-time quote: “It’s the economy, Stupid!”

In our most recent decades that ‘liberals’ would join the political right for profiteering is not surprising, especially under the current condition of a monopolized corporate media and in an economy where people really do need to hang on to their jobs. Just imagine someone within establishment media, making a six-or-seven-digit salary, giving up their job in order to staunchly write on behalf of the political left. How rare!

Media consolidation saw investigative journalism budgets severely diminished and all media ombudsman critics dismissed. Thus, it would become the architects of propaganda who’d prevail. Please understand that the monarchs and oligarchs who rule over the perception of economic freedom are not and never will be political lefties!

After rightwing Hoover led America into The Great Depression, FDR, Truman, Eisenhower and JFK began building America’s great middle class. My father rose threw the ranks of his company and he retired with a sound pension! He supported his family as a single breadwinner. Municipal hospitals existed in every community of 25,000 or more and education was free or affordable. The banks never changed their names and the hardware store, grocer or bakery owners, policemen even, were known and friendly.

The American Dream was the way to go!

But the only thing missing from America’s once-burgeoning middle class movement was the need to deal with the problems of racial and gender inequality. JFK, pretty much a lefty, began dealing with this. But his New Frontier progress ended when he got shot!

Had LBJ, who was not a ‘lefty,’ not been a profiteering oil man he might better have enacted JFK’s proposed policy changes. Profiteering from the military-industrial complex and the pain and racism from the Vietnam War also didn’t help, this despite words of immense wisdom ringing out from Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, Senator Eugene McCarthy and RFK. All of them were lefties! Except for McCarthy (who didn’t win the Democratic nomination), each lefty was assassinated! John Lennon too!

[NOTE: Senator Paul Wellstone who later came down the pike as another promising lefty, died in a mysterious plane crash. JFK, Jr. did as well!]

Anyway, in the aftermath of The Civil Rights and the Voting Rights acts hardnosed right wing GOPwinger Richard Nixon took over. America has been failing ever since! When Nixon’s propaganda-ridden hardhats angrily charged peaceful demonstrators on Wall Street, freedomdespite The Archie Bunker Show — lost its sense of meaning. From this moment in time, it became a clear cut fact that ‘Leftists’ were locked out of power. They were not and have never been the ones who price the planet!!!

I believe the founders of the US government had better things in mind, much more than what we’ve gotten, back when they first envisioned America. I don’t think they meant for the USA to become the selfish nation it became. I think what they saw was more in line with what’s described in the below video:

America has been at war for 93% of the time of its existence. Since Reagan-Bush, CEO pay rose 940% and worker pay only 11%, this with a tremendous increase in productivity. Our once-prized and heralded American Dream has collapsed; both parents now work two jobs to support families; and too many are living doubled or tripled-up trying to survive in what amounts to a drug-ridden underground economy where only a rare good drug deal or a scratch ticket becomes the best hope.

So, I respectfully ask my two friends:

How can they be so angry at a political left that didn’t cause any of this and which only briefly existed (when The American Dream was built); and how can we take back something we’ve essentially never really ever had? It was the lefties who built the American Dream; and it was the righties who took it away, including the freedom of personal economic sustainability.



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