Do Americans Know About Those Who Live or Die Under US Bombs?

— Do Americans ever wonder or care what they think about?

Whatever policy conditions America presents or forces upon Middle Eastern/North African nations one glaring fact won’t go away.

The population of this region’s young people is the fastest growing and most youthful in the world. About 60% of the population is under 25 years old, with a median age of 22 years compared to a global average of 28.

These young people are in formative learning and development years. They are shaping viewpoints regarding the perils of their own society and they will evolve opinions about foreign nations that’ll last a lifetime and into future generations.


Just think what they wonder about!

  • How do they view their own nation?
  • How do they view religion?
  • How do they compare the economy of their own culture?
  • How do they view those who are privileged?
  • Beyond their own needs, how do they view needs of others?
  • How do they see America, friend or foe?
  • Do they think the powerful America ever considers their needs?
  • Will they or friends and family become casualties of a war historically connected to a Western nation?
  • What of their hope for a future?
  • Do you think they wonder if they will have children; or if they do have children, will these children see unharmed maturity into adulthood?
  • Mostly war-torn, one way or another these citizens are destitute or desperate. Who is to blame for their personal predicament, the status of their failed government?
  • Do they share hopes and dreams or only lives full of pain and misery?
  • Does all of the above exist so a scant few can make dollars?

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