Dems Need to Change “Russia, Russia, Russia” into “Bernie, Bernie, Bernie!”

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I’ve been hammering on the below CEO statistic for years and trying to explain this is one of the principle reasons why we need to support Bernie Sanders in order to break this woeful and horrific economic trend.

What happened to America’s middle class? Who destroyed The American Dream? Well, it certainly wasn’t the Russians! Assign this blame where it properly belongs:

Reagan-Bush Republicans and corporate Democrats who followed suit on matters of economics. Note how a conveniently monopolized media kept the great DEM v. GOP divide in play — “whose side are you on?” — with its push for god, gun and gay issues (now immigration). Anti-war, pro-union, pro-health, education and environment became secondary issues or not considered at all.

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What fool among you thought Clinton — a multi-millionaire — or Trump — a self-proclaimed billionaire (where’s his taxes?) — would do anything to reverse America’s wrongful economic curse?

Looking at 2020, Liz Warren is no solution. Forget not that Warren loved Republican markets until she was 47 years old and then she switched to Democratic markets as brought forth by Clinton and Obama.

Yet another sorrowful eye-opening statistic under Obama-Biden: 95% of all wealth generated in America went to the fat cats at the top. Under Trump-Pence this continues!

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The DNC, like it championed Clinton, now wants Oligarch Protection Unit member Joe Biden, as the man best to take on Trump.

DNC political operatives figure they can throw in Warren or Katherine Harris — maybe even Beto O’Rourke to try and grab Texas — as VP and the ticket will be sufficient to win in 2020.

Do not trust the DNC political operatives. Already, to combat Bernie Sanders they have crowded the field with candidates to force a deadlocked convention that will enable the super delegates to select the nominee; they’re expanding the closed primary states (where Independent voters favorable to Bernie can’t vote); and they’re converting pro-Bernie caucus states into primary states.

Meanwhile, have you heard any Democratic leader condemn the GOPwingers computerized Crosscheck voter elimination system that went into play in 2016? It was Crosscheck that enabled Trump to win the Rust Belt. Sadly, the DNC doesn’t complain because it has its own rigging actions in force. The 2020 election has become an anybody but Bernie Sanders contest, meaning oligarchy wins whether in the form of a good cop (D) or a bad cop (R).

What America needs more than anything is a return to an FDR-JFK style form of governance. If we do not begin yelling “Bernie, Bernie, Bernie!” we are doomed to suffer our fates while attempting to survive within a drug-infested underground economy trap set up under America’s Oligarch Enrichment Project.

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Perhaps it will always be only some of us able see “the forest through the trees!” After all, perpetual foreign wars, militarization of our police, consolidation of the media, minimizing well-paying jobs, leaving people wanting for health and the dumbing down of too many Americans has become a very effective strategy for the US oligarchy!

Use the 2020 election to turn this around, folks! Our children require you to take a strong stand!

Written by

Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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