Democrats Suddenly Now Love a Whistleblower?

[9/19/19 10:50 pm (EST) UPDATE: The fastest flapjack flipper in the whole wide world can’t keep up with this one, as reports are rapidly breaking. It turns out the foreign leader, of the new whistsleblower, is recently-elected Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Apparently, the rub is the US would resume its 350 million dollars of military assistance to Ukraine in exchange for Ukraine putting legal pressures and making disclosures on Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son whose been mired in a Ukrainian financial scandal.

This could result in a twofer for insider Democrats: 1) It could ease their transitional worries about Biden and make their switch to Warren easier. 2) This provides great cannon fodder to go after Trump and actually hit him hard.

Yet another win-win for oligarchy!]

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The greatest whistleblower on the planet, Julian Assange, the world’s greatest advocate for transparency in governments, has been silenced since near the day Trump assumed the presidency.

Ever wonder why?

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Both Obama and Trump administrations treated whistle blowers effectively cruel. Chelsea Manning now sits in jail. Free Chelsea Manning! Where are the many who should care about this?

There’s little question Democratic leadership shot itself squarely in the foot when it helped Trump to keep Assange silenced. It did the Trump-Pence administration a huge favor given that Assange — exactly like he did with Bush-Cheney/Obama-Biden administrations — most assuredly would have committed to exposing the warmongering of Trump, Bolton, et. al. In fact, the Trump-Pence regime would have been sitting ducks in lifelong pacifist Julian Assange’s eyes of governmental transparency!

Most reasonable anlysts would place more faith in the worldwide-connected Julian Assange than on the very limited special prosecutor, Robert Mueller! Need proof? Read the conclusions of the Mueller report! Free Assange!

Regarding Russiagate? Five pegs hold it together. Each is questionable or outright refuted.

1) The newly-popular Russian spy Oleg Smolenkov’s intel — considered key to the DNI report released by the Obama Administration— got channeled to President Obama in a manner ironically similar to how Dick Cheney’s Office of Special Plans (OSP) on Iraq operated: Anything going to the president, first went through Cheney’s OSP by-passing normal intelligence distribution channels. In Smolenkov’s case, it was CIA director John Brennan doing the channeling and by-passing normal intel distribution channels. Could this kind of channeling be on a similar path to what we’re now seeing with the mystery whistleblower and mystery foreign leader, their supposed relationship to the the DOJ, Inspector General and privileged must-know congressional intel committee heads?

2) The Clinton Campaign/DNC-hired tech firm Crowdstrike’s allegations based on retracted information and an incomplete report. Crowdstrike’s reporting falls apart on multiple levels and is forensically disproved.

3) The Clinton Campaign/DNC-hired British spy Christopher Steele’s “dirty dossier,” is replete with unverifiable information. Does anybody know anything that is serious in this dossier that’s been proven true?

4) The Russian Internet Research Agency (IRA) published 44% of its clickbait advertising before the 2016 election and the remainder of its ad-buy after the election. Mueller has been ordered by a US trial judge not to link the IRA agency with the Russian government given that Mueller has produced no evidence substantiating his allegation that the agency colluded with the Russian government which supposedly then colluded with Trump in order to throw the election his way.

5) Politics.

So what exactly is it today that holds Russiagate together? You might have guessed right: The politics!

The new whistleblower appears as a completely new animal. I’m anxious to learn more. I certainly believe Trump is corrupt, has long been so and never was properly vetted with media scrutiny when he announced for the presidency. I think it’s likely he’s obstructed justice on multiple fronts. I’m anxious to see the new allegations proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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