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— “They Live!” (See 1988 Movie)

[Originally published as a Facebook Note on December 9, 2017]

All We Want and Deserve is The Truth!

When Reagan-Bush came to power there existed 50 media companies of significant size in America. Today, 90 percent of the media is monopolized by five conglomerate corporations. This evolution was expedited when President Clinton deregulated the FCC.

Below are examples of what we’ve seen or haven’t seen since America’s media became controlled by a corporate oligarchy (America is an oligarchy, see The Princeton Study on Oligarchy):

  • The now-monopolized media severely slashed investigative journalism budgets. Today, we’re more apt to get a Pentagon, CIA or White House-sponsored report than an actual investigative news story.
  • The now-monopolized media eliminated all ombudsman editorial positions. Traditionally, in the media, the ombudsman has served as the people’s watchdog, the people’s eye, to criticize the media when it fails to report accurately, slants the process or fails to report at all.
  • The corporate medias consolidation has put pressure on reporters making them more compliant and accepting of marching orders delivered from the publisher/owner, board room executive power and hand-picked editors-in-charge. Advertising budgets are now more influential than quality of reporting. Journalists see colleagues losing standing and thus become more apt to go-along.
  • Flimsy investigation, at best, of drugs and arms smuggling operations involving the US government and Nicaragua (see investigative reporting of Gary Webb who was silenced).
  • Little to no media challenge to the Bush v. Gore presidential contest when the reality and research proved Gore actually defeated Bush. Instead, the media blamed Ralph Nader! And why did Gore, mysteriously, give up his appeal? Who challenged this decision?
  • Clearly, there are many unanswered questions and not investigated details concerning 911 as well as the 911 Commission’s Report.
  • We saw a travesty of outright media lies, distortions, omissions and perversions of truth concerning the War on Iraq. How much media investigation was there relative to the war’s profiteers? Dick Cheney’s Haliburton company, for example. The after-war effect roles performed by Eric Prince-owned private mercenary soldiers now operating in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and numerous African nations, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine and the various Stan nations, etc. Which oligarchs employ the private services of Prince’s private military?
  • Did mainstream media adequately investigate how Bush-Cheney stole the election from John Kerry? Any thinker who digs facts will realize Kerry’s three-point lead suddenly vanished when Ohio’s computer services went down around 11 pm and voting results were transferred to a privately-run GOP tech firm running out of a basement of a bank in Tennessee. All exit polls showed Kerry won Ohio! How deep was the media’s investigation into Karl Rove’s (Bush’s campaign manager) IT specialist, Michael Connell, whose plane mysteriously crashed just before he was about to testify on his role in that Ohio election?
  • When Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Seymour Hersh — who has now left America’s main media — uncovered the US was rat-lining Muammar Gaddafi’s weaponry (and chemicals) through the Libyan Benghazi CIA outpost into Turkey then on into Syria to effectively arm ISIS with its war against Syria, why was there no main media follow-up to such a crucial story? All throughout the Syrian war the US military and media behavior has been at odds with findings of the United Nations. Additionally, after the US 59 tomahawk missile attack on a Syrian air base, Hersh proved the US knew exactly what munitions the Syrian air force was using (non-chemicals), but no US publication would print his story. It finally was published in a German newspaper, but ignored in the US so the Syrian president could continue taking the blame for chemicals he didn’t use.
  • The 2016 presidential election, coupled with media collusion with the Iraq War, is perhaps the darkest stain in modern history concerning America’s media. 2016 is the year that I, personally, lost complete faith in America’s media. Clearly, as evidenced by Wikileaks releases, America’s main media was in on the fix! Will main media investigate itself? Nope!
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Numerous Examples Failed Media in 2016 Election:

a) The media colluded with the Clinton campaign to deprive Sanders of coverage and simultaneously hyped Trump so he’d become the GOP nominee, this in a belief Clinton would defeat him (see Wikileaks).

b) Trump was never vetted for his Russian oligarch connections or mob ties after he announced his candidacy. He minimally was taken to task for using a fake veterans organization when he gave his speech aboard the USS Iowa just before the Iowa Caucus. Indeed, as Wikileaks rightfully exposed, Trump had become Clinton’s “pied piper” candidate. His press coverage was enormous for a non-office holding presidential candidate!

c) Unlike ever before in a presidential primary, the media daily carried Clinton’s tally of super delegates and reported them as if they were won delegates, when they were not. This gave the impression to the citizenry her lead over Sanders was insurmountable.

d) Hardly any coverage was provided to exit polls showing Sanders won when the results of the election actually differed. The media never questioned why exit polls were discontinued halfway through the primaries. When Wolf Blitzer of CNN was reporting on the Kentucky primary results in Polk County, the numbers on his board completely reversed to Clinton’s favor in a way that made no logical sense. This was never reported, and Blitzer, the good media puppet, just skipped right over it as if it never happened. There were numerous election anomalies that went ignored by main media.

e) The media provided no objection or advocacy when lesser candidates were excluded from presidential debates.

f) The media, against the face of overwhelming evidence, never pinned any guilt concerning Clinton’s email/private serve controversy which clearly violated the Freedom of Information Act, and many realistically argued was criminal. Juxtaposition this against the media’s coverage of the DNC allegation that Russians hacked its computers, something bearing no hard concrete or forensic evidence.

g) The DNC never allowed the FBI or DHS to forensically review the DNC server, despite numerous requests from the two agencies. Instead, the DNC hired its politically-connected tech firm Crowdstrike to examine its computers. Crowdstrike produced two reports. It was from these reports the allegation Russians hacked the DNC became born. What originally was presented to the nation as a 17-agency intelligence assessment review relied upon Crowdstrike’s findings to bulk its conclusion of a Russian hack. It turned out the intelligence assessment involved only three agencies with specific hand-picked agents to compile the report. Most of all, Crowdstrike’s second report, the nitty-gritty one, was refuted and retracted. However, this refutation, this retraction NEVER was reported in mainstream media. Also, the fact the 17-agency report was, in reality, a handpicked three-agency report got thinly disguised in main media.

h) In the public debate over whether the DNC Wikileaks exposures were from an inside leak or a hack, against overwhelming scientific and technical evidence, main media continues to report it was a hack (Google the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity finding, articulated by Skip Folden who, for 25 years, was IBM’s top IT program manager). Multiple former NSA and CIA officials, as well as Folden, claim technical science shows it was a leak and not a hack.

i) When former British ambassador Craig Murray went public that he flew to Washington DC to retrieve the documents for Wikileaks, main media completely ignored his statement and press conferences. To this day, in American medias, Murray is never mentioned as a source for delivery of DNC documents to Wikileaks.

j) When world renown computer expert and magnate Kim Dotcom stated he’d been in direct contact with Seth Rich prior to Wikileaks receiving its documents, this never got reported and was ignored by America’s main media.

k) When the Seth Rich family hired private investigator Rod Wheeler, Wheeler’s findings indicated that Seth Rich had been in contact via email with Wikileaks director, Gavin McFadden. Main media completely ignored this. When FoxNews misreported and opportunistically reported the story, and Wheeler then sued the network as a consequence, the main media pounced on this as a way as to infer Trump was behind the Seth Rich-was-the-leaker story. As much as I hate Trump, this is just not true. Th Wheeler lawsuit as proof Trump was involved and pulling the strings was main media news story front and center for about four hours. It completely dominated all major media. Suddenly, a secret audio recording was published depicting Sy Hersh stating unequivocally that Seth Rich was the leaker. When this happened, main media reported absolutely nothing on what Hersh claimed, and quietly, as if what they originally reported never existed, discontinued reporting its front and center original allegation.

l) When a 260-million dollar lawsuit was filed by multiple pro-Bernie Sanders parties, claiming the DNC cheated during the primaries and was misleading with its fundraising tactics, during the initial hearing the DNC lawyers claimed before the federal judge that the DNC could do whatever it wanted, including back room deals while smoking cigars, when it came to selecting a candidate, despite public pronouncements from the chair of the party that it was running a fair election. Neither the filing of the lawsuit or the outrageous claims of the DNC attorneys were reported by main media.

m) The Florida Federal Court judge dismissed the DNC lawsuit based on a technicality of standing by the both the parties suing and the Court as the proper venue itself. But in his ruling, the judge stipulated: “In evaluating Plaintiffs’ claims at this stage, the Court assumes their allegations are true — — that the DNC and Wasserman Schultz held a palpable bias in favor Clinton and sought to propel her ahead of her Democratic opponents.” But the judge asserted his finding to this aspect of the case was not within his court’s jurisdiction, that the matter should be adjudicated elsewhere. As to the additional allegations within the lawsuit, the judge found the parties themselves lacked standing due to technical merits. So what’s the main story? Main media failed to report on any of this! How interesting the media could report on Wheeler’s lawsuit, but not the federal court DNC lawsuit!

n) At one point the Washington Post claimed Russians had hacked America’s electric grid, and every major media outlet followed by reporting the same story. But the retraction and apology for this story never got the same prominence the original reporting of the story received.

o) The Atlantic reported Wikileaks communicated with Donald Trump, Jr. via Twitter’s DM messaging. From one of the messages Atlantic quoted Wikileaks stating there was a reason for Trump to release his tax returns to Wikileaks because it would show Wikileaks was non-biased. Well, this proves two things: 1) a smart move by Wikileaks, an investigative journalism organization, to try and trick Trump into finally releasing his tax returns; and 2) Wikileaks wanted to report this to show Clinton accusations that Wikileaks favored Trump were not true. This second point is clearly stated in the message. But the Atlantic journalist deleted the last, and most operative part of the Wikileaks quote and instead of using a comma which would have been grammatically correct and would show there was more to the quoted material, the journalist unilaterally inserted a period to make it seem that was only what was said. At a minimum, this is smear journalism. Meanwhile, with the operative phrase deleted from The Atlantic reporting, every other major journal picked up the story and specifically emphasized the quote that was journalistically butchered, reporting something completely out of context and completely different than what was true.

p) Yesterday, from the time of this writing, all major media enormously followed up on CNN’s well-described bombshell story that a person named Michael Erickson had sent an email to Trump, Trump, Jr. and other campaign staffers providing a decryption code so the Trump campaign could open up the document and see what Wikileaks was about to release. Again, every major journal ran with the story front page center, highlighting this as a bombshell smoking gun. Problem is, none of it was true as the information included within the Erickson email had already been released publicly. But this didn’t stop CNN from reporting that multiple unidentified sources had confirmed what it was reporting.

Well, I’ve gone through well more than half the alphabet with examples. I could easily get to z) and beyond with examples. But I think my point is proven. Very clearly, the Clinton propaganda operatives, including their prized inside media connections, are misusing information to create a dangerous anti-Russian narrative in order to cover over not only Clinton’s embarrassing two billion dollar loss to Trump, but also the fact that the Democrats rigged the 2016 Democratic Primary against Bernie Sanders.

Think. Instead of crucial and important issues affecting our ordinary citizenry, for the most part, all we talk about, and what prominent mainstream journalists mostly write about, are the terrible Russians who supposedly meddled our election. Polls show the American public has been completely bamboozled by this blatant propaganda and have become subjugated hook, line and sinker. Consider now: Is this really the proper way to treat Russia, the world’s second-largest nuclear power, especially when we are in a war conflict zone with them in Syria, North Korea and Ukraine?

What’s also very, very bad is all of this false reporting, all of this propaganda becomes like a meatball thrown into Trump’s wheelhouse so he can knock the ball out of the park with a counter-attack, as he is now doing with yesterday’s bombshell falsification. This hurts the Democrats, it doesn’t help the Democrats.

In conclusion, we expect Karl Rove-like politics from the Republicans … but not from the Democrats. But what we have seen from the Democrats, since Hillary Clinton operatives have completely taken over the Democratic Party, is pure and evil Karl Rove political tactics. Clinton, like Trump (review his cabinet picks), is in bed with America’s oligarchy. It’s not just the Republicans and Democrats in bed with them, but the media is owned by them. Thus, the media had the ability to make things or attempt to make things seem any way they wish. Where the media should be showing praise to independent journalism, instead it, too, is invoking Karl Rove media politics: Blame your opponent for what you, yourself, do! Hence, the increase in “fake news” allegations and the continued censoring of independent journalist.

Me? I’ve stopped watching television. I’ve stopped reading the mainstream newspapers. I now get my news by following on Twitter and Facebook the accounts of some of the world’s best investigative journalists. I observe what they write and what their colleagues write. I also monitor a variety of Youtube independent journalists. I combine this with following the news trends on Twitter and Facebook. From these references I sometimes catch what’s reported by main media … but I’m not indoctrinated by it because I possess a greater context of understanding.

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From The Movie: “They Live!”

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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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