Crystal Ball Analysis — 2020 Election

— Democrats Ain’t Learned Nuthin’ — Will We See A Karl Rove-Like/Media-Induced Political Strategy Prevail in 2020? You Bet!

[Originally written on April 12, 2019 as the Original Post]

The political operatives, members of the lobbyist/consultant class functioning on behalf of America’s Oligarch Enrichment Project (AOEP) will likely show the following plan:

First, the super-delegates even though they can only vote on the second ballot, will move as a herd. The DNC will encourage as many caucus states as possible to become primary states and will try to expand the number of closed primaries where Independent voters can not vote.

Second, using deep-deep media connections, downgrade in every way conceivable the Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard candidacies. Their respective candidacies will be tagged with distorted political operative talking points, challenges to their loyalty, challenges to their ballot status and getting tagged as political products of the Russians.

Third, there will become a loud ruckus within the party to deny Sanders a place on the Democratic ballot unless he publicly forsakes his Independent status. This decision rests solely within the power of DNC chairman, Tom Perez. Fabricated pressure will mount on this.

Fourth, muddy the waters by flooding the Democratic primary with seemingly younger than Sanders faux-progressives politicians like Warren, Harris, Booker, Gillibrand, Castro, et. al. In Beto O’Rourke’s case they’ve been rebranding him from his moderate voting record into that of a young Kennedyesque image of great appeal. The leadership of the party is hellbent and determined to dilute as many Sanders votes as possible.

Fifth, hope early voting produces no clear favorite. The door then opens for the centrist savior Democrat — Biden or perhaps Clinton again (phew!) — to enter the race and steal it with full media thunder. Next, one of the younger faux progressive aspirants will get rewarded with either the VP nod or a high cabinet appointment, i.e., a stepping stone to keep their future presidential hopes alive.

Sixth, keep the waters so muddied throughout the entire primary-caucus process that the super delegates will get to pick the nominee on a second convention ballot. Oh, what a wonderful big tent for the you-know-who’ll- they’ll-pick! America’s oligarchs, the AOEP, will, once again, aim to get their puppet very well politically strung.

Of course, everybody playing this faux presidential primary game will ultimately get rewarded by becoming a better millionaire, or a position higher in power. The incentives for the Bernie vote-diluting candidates is so strong it’s only waiting for sufficient media manipulation, i.e., the slant.

The game now is well understood. Everybody knows how the Clintons went from being middle-upper class to garnishing a wealth factor of over 200 million dollars, just from their careers in public service. Right now, the insincere Democratic candidates are in it for money and power only!

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Let’s hope Bernie and Tulsi create a united front for true progressives and the centrist faux-progressives get vanquished.

The 2020 GOPwinger Primary

The GOP after decades of playing with evil finally cinched their deal with the devil by creating Donald Trump. If Trump survives his first term and is clean enough to run for a second, there will be no significant primary challenge to him and he will continue to rule GOPwingerism and Mike Pence will continue to play the Charlie Daniels ‘Deal With The Devil’ second fiddle.

I don’t think RussiaGate holds any substance to take Trump down. I’ve been suspect about this ever since the Russian narrative was dreamed up in the Clinton Campaign back room. But Trump’s modside connections, his numerous dirty business deals (will his IRS statements ever come through?) and soiled and dirty linen could cause him to lose the respect of the nation, perhaps his presidency. So we might not see Trump in 2020.

Should this happen, Pence will make the standard bearer claim. Kasich, Walker, Cruz and many of the previous GOPwinger horses will likely again enter the fray. Maybe even another Bush will jump in. Nonetheless, neither will hold the charisma and influence needed to become president. But there is one potential candidate who could jump in and take the whole kit and caboodle: former South Carolina GOP congressman, Trey Gowdy.

Gowdy is a threat. Repeat: Gowdy is a threat! Gowdy automatically will be able to claim outsider status because he boastfully condemned politics as it is played, quit Congress and made his decision well before the so-called “Blue Wave” was heydayed. Gowdy also happens to be an extraordinary orator. The guy can think on his feet, is able to deliver a great speech (even if you don’t believe what he’s saying) and he’d be the best of all possible GOPwinger debaters. Perhaps the only master debater among the whole sorry lot of ‘em!

Gowdy first came into the public eye when he chaired the Benghazi hearings. From those hearings Hillary Clinton held her own and did well getting past them, even making it seem like Gowdy was barking up the wrong tree.

Turns out he was. But not for the reasons Clinton was alleging. Gowdy barked up the wrong tree because it was later discovered Benghazi was in fact a CIA outpost, not a US embassy consulate. Prize-winning investigative journalist Seymour Hersh later exposed how the outpost served as a staging area for the ratline of Gaddafi’s Libyan weaponry smuggled out of Libya through Turkey into Syria, ultimately arming Al Qaeda/ISIS. In presidential politics, Gowdy could present a coup-fourré.

Anyway, with Trump out, look for Gowdy in as he’d become the GOPwingers best card for 2020. Odds are, however, Trump will still be in as it’s very hard to get a president out of office. Either way America’s oligarchs, as always, will have their puppet from the GOPwinger side. Trump, in fact, has made them lots of money!


Democrats need to stop fooling themselves and present their best candidate. That candidate is Bernie Sanders, who also has strong appeal among Independent voters who comprise the larger body of the electorate. Despite all odds against him in 2016 he erased Clinton’s 60% point lead and managed to pull off a highly respectable campaign while also condemning big money in politics. He has already proven he’s willing to take on the system, an attribute voters not only appreciate but genuinely want.

As noted from the chart above, political control in America has been right wing politics ever since JFK was shot. The last good Democrat was George McGovern. But party leaders, under the stewardship of the Clintons, abandoned the workers and moved the party more in line with Wall Street. Obama, in effect, with his CitiGroup-appointed presidential cabinet, had become a caretaker president in wait for the next line of Bush-Clinton.

Trump, if he’s managed to accomplish anything positive, at least put a stop to Bush-Clinton monarchical line.. But Trump is not a true outsider like Sanders. Trump feeds the oligarchy; Sanders does not! In American politics money, the AOEP, traditionally pulls the puppet strings. This is precisely why another campaign of Bernie Sanders remains needed breaths of fresh air!

Be wise and build a united front now behind the only honest, wise and genuine political candidate: Bernie Sanders!

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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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