Democrats As Bad As GOPwingers — Branding Russiagate!

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Karl Rove and Barack Obama

Russiagate served three functions and, surprisingly, too many folks are completely unaware they’ve been trapped into a woefully misaligned and dangerous anti-Russian thought process.

1) Russiagate covered over Hillary Clinton and the Clinton-controlled DNC corruptive activities throughout and beyond the Democratic Primary. The controversial issues from the primary have NEVER been addressed.

It also has helped to keep alive a possibility that Clinton could become picked by superdelegates on a second ballot in a deadlocked convention.

Clearly, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg and others today function as an Oligarch Protection Unit (OPU) hellbent and determined to deny Bernie Sanders from running away with the nomination on the 1st ballot.

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Liz Warren is like a bad bischop in a chess game!

2) Russiagate served as a vehicle for applying tremendous political pressure against Trump. But even basic common sense tells us that Russiagate wasn’t required in order to accomplish this objective!

But Russiagate has helped to blind the thinking of many Democrats who were led to believe Trump was Vladimir Putin’s puppet. The tremendous irony here is the fact that Putin is actually a better Democrat than is Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer and almost all of the announced Democratic candidates.

3) Russiagate provided a tremendous boost to anti-Russian hysteria and helped to inject fuel for the fear cycle in such a way Democrats didn’t even blink when the 720 billion dollar defense budget was approved. A top priority of The OPU is defense spending and oil-war exploitation politics.


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Good Cop (D) v. Bad Cop (R) to Serve Oligarchy!

Who have been the Democrats to oppose what Trump has been doing in Venezuela, Iran, Syria and Libya? What Democrats have opposed US federal map-makers now including Syria’s Golan Heights as Israeli-owned land? What Democrats have opposed stealing Venezuela’s gold and oil money?

Ask yourself: Are Democrats thieves like Republicans and will they push fraudulent activity order to achieve political opportunity?

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Donna Brazile Dancing With Karl Rove!

If you do not begin supporting the true progressive politics of the Sanders garden variety and not the Warren garden variety, The OPU will again win in 2020. I suspect the GOPwingers already are planning their 2020 election strategies based on an assumption the DNC will screw Bernie again. How will Independent voters become influenced when this happens?

Anyway, top-notch investigative journalist Aaron Maté dissects The Mueller report:

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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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