Democratic Party Needs to Tilt Way Left, Not to The Right


Today’s Democrats domestically have not only have dropped the ball on unions and working people in general, but they’ve literally become warmongers on the foreign policy front.

Worse, they have no problem continuing a failed drug war that deprives Americans of civil liberties, encourages gang warfare, drug smuggling routes as weapons smuggling routes and makes prisons and probation departments profitable for investors while militarizing police departments.

Meanwhile, long sought goals such as a higher minimum wage, universal health care and free education seem totally out of reach. The US populace wants this to happen. But neither of these quality of life issues will ever get legislated due to a layered system of oligarch protection units (see 2014 Princeton Study on Oligarchy) that are run by top-notch and oligarch-friendly consultant and public relation firms.

Moreover, the US seems every bit as addicted to oil today as always in the past. But here’s the kicker: Russia, a major exporter of oil is lucratively profiting from higher oil prices. But the very vast majority of Russia’s oil profits help to run the Russian government.

Despite the US sanctions, etc., Vladimir Putin just raised minimum wage for Russian workers and increased pension funds by 10% for retirees. I suppose it also makes sense to point out that women in Russia can retire at age 55 and men at age 60. One retires in the US at either 66 or 57.

Anyway, in the US, which is also a major oil exporter, the profits from the high prices are currently going deep into the pockets of America’s oil oligarchs. Americans, while paying at the pump, are making fat cats fatter!

Amazingly, not that our monopolized corporate media ever informs us about this, but there’s a lot that Russia seems to have the US does not.

The Questions

Any Democrat waving a blue and gold Ukrainian flag or any musician like Bono who is supporting the Ukrainian effort, should clearly answer the following crucial questions:

1. Why did previous US-UK media investigative reports about a substantial presence of Ukrainian Nazis and Bandera fascists suddenly shift from a serious problem into no problem at all?

2. Why did Ukraine, economically the poorest European nation with a struggling citizenry, build itself into the second largest European military power?

3. Why do US defense thinktank Rand Corp reports describe how proxy nations such as Ukraine can be used to weaken Russia and possibly help to promote regime change and split Russia into several geographical territories?

4. Why are longstanding staunch GOPwinger neocons backing Democrat Joe Biden’s proxy war in Ukraine? Interestingly, they also supported Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. Neocons all: Robert Kagan, David Frum, Jamie Fly, Laura Rosenberger, Bill Kristol, Dan Senor, Mike Chertoff, Mike Rogers, Max Boot, Paul Wolfowitz, Mike Morrell, Victoria Nuland, William Webster, Elizabeth Neumann, Eliot Cohen, Richard Pearl, John Negroponte, Tom Ridge and others.

5. Having discovered true answers to the questions above, do you still wish to supply Ukraine with military weapons using money that Americans desperately need for our own worsening economy?

The fact is Democratic leadership should be tilting towards progressive politics, not neocon politics. Bottom line is Trump has always been and remains a horror show. But it’s important to realize there are issues greater than Trump. Democrats can’t only do anti-Trump at the expense of canceling everything else, especially when it comes to the dignity of issues.

If Democrats kept their eye on the ball, they’d see income inequality, US as warmonger, raping third world nations for resources, perpetrating a failed drug war and not providing comprehensive health care or free education as just some examples.

Finally, note what Russia has that the US does not. Ask why Democrats are nowhere near getting some of these issues accomplished for the American people.

Indeed, let Russia handle Ukraine at its own border. Let it work out its problems with the Europeans. The US shouldn’t have anything to do with the relationship. How can anyone think that sending in Eric Prince military mercenaries is a friendly act that’s going to solve anything. Chaos should not be the US foreign policy!

The US should instead improve what’s going on within our own borders and be comforted knowing that we best know how to handle our neighbor Canada to the north and Mexico to the south. That each of our nations also enjoy two very expansive and protective oceans.

In conclusion, just because Republicans have been unable to think clearly does not give the Democrats a license to muddy the waters.

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Michael Weddle

Michael Weddle

Founder of Boston’s Climate Change Band; former NH State Representative; Created Internet’s 1st Anti-War Debate; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!