Creating Awareness to America’s Oligarch Protection Unit

Clinton/Biden-like top Democrats are long-time members of America’s Oligarch Protection Unit. They provided GPS guidance — elimination of Glass-Steagall (banking regulations) and FCC protections once preventing media monopoly — to enable GOPwinger shepherds, who abused money and voice, to herd once-strong Democrats into a land of greedy capitalism, never-ending war, regime change, censorship and a strong clampdown on civil liberties (hello Patriot Act!).

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Photo of GOPwinger Shepherds Paul Manafort, Roger Stone & Lee Atwater who worked with Nixon proteges Roger Ailes, Karl Rove and Ed Rollins to steal presidencies, congressional elections and reshape America’s media. Bill Clinton’s impeachment helped to bring Democrats under the wing of the Oligarch Protection Unit.

The Oligarch Protection Unit is comprised of multi-millionaires and wannabe multi-millionaires. They’re frequently seen hobnobbing in fine hotels or charitable and academic institutions where they enjoy lobster, shrimp and bacon-wrapped scallops provided by high-priced lobbyist-consultant firms. A rank and file media corps — steppingstone wannabes themselves — utterly adore them!

Together, they protect America’s Oligarch Enrichment Project:

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The Billionaires

Indeed, the pecking order is well-established. If lucky, one can become pedigreed perhaps becoming a governor, member of congress or an ambassador. Many fawn over becoming cabinet appointees or nominated into the Judicialiary. Whatever the dignification, it’s all very nice. You’re in the club!

At the time of Reagan-Bush, America had 50 major media companies. Today, five conglomerate corporations control 90% of all media. Since the Bush-Clinton influences, virtually all of America’s wealth has gone to fat cats at the top. Since the seemingly-friendly Reagan (former CIA director Bush in control) CEO pay increased by 937% compared to worker pay increasing only 11%. This has been coupled to a marked increase in worker productivity. America’s once-strong unions were decimated and the good jobs were sent offshore to curry cheap labor. America became a service economy!

Yes, the American Dream was well destroyed before Bernie Sanders announced for the presidency in 2016. It’s why he announced, wanting to bring it back! Throughout his political career he never sought adulation. Dedicated to peace, love and understanding, he’d always been a sensible and practical barebones servant of the people he represented. His dedication enabled him to attract Democratic, Independent and even Republican votes.

This is why Sanders remains a threat to disrupt America’s Oligarch Enrichment Project and defeat the Oligarch Protection Unit that defends it. Check out 30 years of Bernie’s speeches warning America [note it’s a youtube link and okay to click “show embed.”]

Sanders would have become president in 2016 had not the Oligarch Protection Unit kicked in by rigging the Democratic primary in multitudinous ways. The rigging was so bad three Democratic candidates dropped out very early claiming the process was rigged. Wikileaks-released documents proved this. Hillary Clinton and The Clinton Foundation owned the Democratic National Committee and controlled the pecking order: superdelegates, donor funding from oligarchs and extremely powerful media connections.

But like the never-ending energizer bunny, Bernie Sanders marches on!

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I’m predicting Bernie will easily knock down the Oligarch Protection Unit’s last hope, Joe Biden, who appears set to announce his candidacy next week. The fact is Biden, like Clinton, has too much baggage by being on the wrong side of issues and a potential corruption issue which will gnaw at his candidacy.

The very deep problem with Biden — a three-time losing presidential attemptee — is he can’t resolve the problem described below in the chart. Due to this, Sanders will come into the Democratic Convention as the top vote-getter. Americans are still hungry for a true outsider, an antidote to the whole corrupt system, not only against a masquerading Donald Trump who has proven himself as a con man extraordinaire.

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Be Wise … Vote for Bernie!

Additional Thinking:

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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!

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